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“Construction of the medical building will begin this year.”

“Construction of the medical building will begin this year.”

The course has just started. How was this first week?

It’s very exciting and we’re approaching it with great momentum and a lot of energy. We were looking forward to having the students back.

They are in the process of developing medicine. when will you arrive?

Advanced procedures. There are two positive reports from the DGA and we are in the process of verifying the title at the Quality Agency. Let’s hope we have a decision soon and it will be positive.

Will he make it to the next session?

We cannot say anything at all because it does not depend on us, but on administrative procedures and the speed of administration or lack thereof.

The new building will house these students. How is it going?

The new infrastructure project has already been signed, which will contain all the necessary equipment for teaching this degree: laboratories and workshops, simulation spaces (emergency rooms, operating room…), anatomy area, etc. In addition to other public spaces, theoretical classrooms and a library.

How much will the investment be for this business?

It is a building of more than 7,000 square meters with significant investment, which may undergo some changes during its construction, and given the current context of the construction sector. At this time, the initial measurements necessary to start the administrative and construction process are already being made. Business will commence throughout this cycle.

Will these new facilities be for medicine only or can they also accommodate other students?

At this time, the University of San Jorge (USJ) has the necessary and sufficient spaces for degrees in progress; But there are some healthcare organizations closely related to medicine that could potentially benefit from some practice space.

The University of Zaragoza will expand this degree in Huesca and President Azcón also wants to place it in Teruel. Are you worried about excess supply?

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I understand that if the Government of Aragon sees the need to implement this degree in the different provinces dependent on the public university, when we have already announced the introduction of medicine, it will have conducted a study and it will be applicable to all. In fact, Saint Joseph University decided to require this degree because of the need for specialists in the health sector and to be able to help, as another asset, in the social and economic growth of the community.

What other degrees do you plan to pursue in the future?

No doubt something will be requested, but it has not yet been determined. Each cycle, USJ conducts an assessment, often including panels of business experts, about the needs of our community so that we can provide what is needed most and what can be most disparate.

What do these committees require from experts more than you do?

Undoubtedly, and as also reflected in the demands of students themselves when choosing a profession, health professions are still important. Interest in engineering was also awakened.

How were the small certificates received?

We were born 14 years old, and at this moment we are already 38 years old, and we are housed in the ten most sought-after areas of society, and the reception is very acceptable. I believe they are here to stay and be a leading part of lifelong training.

“The project has already been signed. There are more than 7,000 square meters in which there will be laboratories, emergency rooms, operating rooms, etc.”

The University of Zaragoza would like to implement the Biomedical Engineering degree you have just offered. How do you see it now that they ended up in court – where they were proven right – because of an application of psychology that was already in the public domain?

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I understand that the University of Zaragoza has assessed the needs for new degrees and has chosen the degree that it considers will make the greatest contribution to society. It has been known to everyone on the degree map for two years that Saint Joseph University required Biomedical Engineering and we started with that this year.

This year, Nicolo Cusano University announced that it will establish itself in Eyup Castle. Do you worry?

The DGA at the time made relevant statements not knowing anything about the existence of this intention. We are a unified university project, aiming to add value to Aragon and not competing with anyone. In this case, you do not have to worry about whether it will arrive or not.

They grow in students. Is there a goal?

In face-to-face training, we have a very large group of students. We started in 2005 with approximately 200 students, and now there are more than 3,000 and nearly 5,000 alumni. In addition to continuing to grow in face-to-face degrees, our aim is to increase the number of students studying ‘online’ and choosing this training method.

He has been in office for three years. What is the most complicated?

It has been a very intense three years, but I must say that it has been as intense as it has been exciting because at USJ I have a team of professionals and, above all, a human team who have given their lives to preserve this project. Going. I believe that the results are there, and there is no doubt that we have made progress in each of the axes presented in the strategic plan.

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What challenges do you face?

The challenges ahead must focus largely on specific areas. The first and most important is people management, as well as bringing an atmosphere of well-being to the workplace, and strengthening the teaching staff with changes in accreditation. In the field of research, in the past year we have strengthened ourselves as a reference center. We are also working on internationalization and another challenge is digitalization, where we have made a lot of progress. Fifth is knowledge transfer.

“The first meeting will be a constructive dialogue.”

USJ President Berta Saez hopes to soon hold a meeting with the new Ministry of Education, with which she hopes to maintain a presence. “Constructive dialogue and prioritization of actions at a time appropriate for both parties, Which will lead to a more efficient process and will allow us to serve the Aragon community sooner and better.” He emphasizes that approximately one month after the call was made, there are always issues “in the air,” but the first is “the situation.”

“I have a list of pending issues in my mind, but it is true that walking like an elephant into a china shop is bad.”, he’s referring to. In this sense, he confirms that relations with the new Chancellor, Claudia Pérez Fornes, and with President Jorge Azcon, are “very fluid.” “I think we have very good chemistry And we just want to start working as soon as possible to move things forward,” he emphasizes, then reiterates that the University of San Jorge “only aims to help the Aragonese government and the Aragonese community” to achieve everything that is needed in hand.