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Concerts in the City of Arts and Sciences

Concerts in the City of Arts and Sciences

Francisco, a resident of Avenida del Profesor López Piñero in Valencia, tells how he turned one of the rooms in his house into Despacio. I couldn’t sleep there. Reason: Concerts held at the City of Arts and Sciences. And now, in addition, with the arrival of summer, they begin to celebrate week after week, as it indicates that the inconvenience due to noise is greater. So much so that he bought a sound level meter that, although not professional, tells him every night that what sounds in a Santiago Calatrava-designed pocket doubles the allowable decibels.

His testimony coincides with that of other residents of the area, who are tired of having a festival every weekend on the balcony. They also say this because they know what awaits them in the coming weeks. On Friday last week, the “Festivalódromo” took place in the City of Arts. The properties first musical date to open the season was the I Love Reggaeton Festival. The music has not stopped playing because only a few hours later, on Saturday, it is the turn of the Love the 90 contest. On Friday, the Festival of Arts takes over Cacsa again (with groups such as Vetusta Morla, Sidonie, Viva Suecia …). On June 15 it will be Alejandro Sanz, on the 24th this month David Bisbal, from June 29 to July 1 Big Sound Festival (where Bizarrap, Ana Mena, Sebastián Yatra, Duki …) play.

“There is an annoyance in the neighbors. What would you think if you had a concert at your door every weekend?” Fernando Martín, the community president of those two blocks overlooking the City of the Arts, asks. He points out that the residents of the apartment complex are fed up. Stop the concerts. And there is still more. As he points out to the counties, the case is in the hands of lawyers and there is a lawsuit filed against the city council.

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Fernando Martín’s balcony overlooks the street. “It’s not a place for these festivals,” he says. He speaks as the head of the community and does not want to provide more information. But in his words, it is not a pleasant dish when every weekend the environment becomes a huge festival.

Urine and light pollution…

“They even use the garage ramp as a toilet. No matter if they are boys or girls, even in broad daylight everything is full of urine,” adds Francisco, who describes not only the effects of this noise pollution, but also light pollution. “Last summer, they shone a lot of light on Our window is right there.” Some neighbors also point out that there are many residents who leave the compound at the weekend to escape the inconvenience.

Because the big festival that lasts two days and brings together thousands of people can be very interesting for some, but others do not experience it with such enthusiasm. Above all, they advocate, if it happens every weekend. They say “even one night during the week”. And it is that with the arrival of good weather, some of these parties do not choose to take place on Friday or Saturday, but like the one with Alejandro Sanz, they take place on Thursday.

It can be said that not all neighbors think the same, and some even follow the wisdom that if you cannot defeat the enemy, you must join them. Moreover, she told another young woman who lived in the building that last summer, when the Festival of Diversity was going to take place, – the music event that was going to have international names like Karol G, The Black Eyed Peas or Iggy Pop and which was canceled less than ten days before Celebrate it – Consider inviting some friends over to his balcony to hear Christina Aguilera perform. “But since it was cancelled… it’s annoying though and the neighbors are not happy at all,” he says.

environmental problems

It is she who gives an idea of ​​the problems generated for these residents by the fact that the environment has become a huge space for concerts. Although, as he says, the impulsiveness prevents him from continuing to list any more things. “Some young people may find it funny. Invite them to have a drink on the terrace and watch the concert or listen to the music and thus keep the ticket. But the thing is, you don’t choose the music, they impose it on you. And the neighbors are tired, “agree those consulted.

«For us, the windows face the other side, not the road. Although, of course, you can listen to it,” comments another couple who go out for a walk and don’t want to get into an argument. They report that they are lucky because, despite their short stature, they listen to performances. Those neighbors who live with a festival (or many) on their balcony don’t like schedules either.They deplore that some end at dawn, interrupt their sleep or prevent them from sleeping.

An almost vibrating experience from one’s own living room which, precisely when we live it in a first-person view, is not satisfactory. At least for some of the neighbors, those who have the party venue that Cacsa has become, just a few feet from their front door.