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: Vinci Energy Spain launches Life 2023 to enhance the well-being of its employees ::

: Vinci Energy Spain launches Life 2023 to enhance the well-being of its employees ::

energies of VINCI Spaina global leader in digital transformation and energy transformation solutions, launches a new edition of the LIFE program, whose main goal is to Promote the health and well-being of all VINCI Energies Spain employees, with a focus on promoting healthy behaviours, access to sporting competitions and physical and mental self-care.

This year, VINCI Energies Spain has created new procedures to provide its employees with a diversified portfolio with multiple possibilities for adopting healthy habits. Among the various initiatives promoted by the program, LIFE Paddle tennis tournaments for couples, yoga activities, CrossFit, vital resistance sessions, presentations and workshops. Activities are designed not only to enhance the well-being of their collaborators, but also to provide participants with learning to take care of their own physical and mental health.

LIFE 2023 event

As in every edition, this year’s LIFE Program Wellness Initiative also held the LIFE Event, which took place on May 20th. This year’s event consisted of a day of activities attended by around 200 people, including employees and family members, from VINCI Energies who enjoyed sports and outdoor fun.

The day included a race through the landscape in two modes, running or walking, outdoor functional training, a yoga session and a guided visit to the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de Escorial. It also included KIDS activities for those who participated in the day with their young children.

LIFE Results 2022

During 2022, VINCI Energies Spain has been able to strengthen the activity of the LIFE Program with major initiatives. In the first place, the LIFE program has succeeded in promoting team building to enhance mutual support and the experience of sharing kilometers across six races held in Seville, Bilbao, Málaga, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Madrid, with a total participation of more than 100 collaborators.

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In addition to organizing sporting events, the group also developed several activities to promote healthy habits among employees throughout 2022, with presentations on healthy eating, stress management, work environment, and preventive hygiene totaling more than 150 participants.

In 2023, VINCI Energies Spain will continue to work to create procedures through the LIFE program with the aim of reaching as many employees as possible, promoting a better understanding of physical and mental health and making leisure and wellness activities available to its employees.