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Colombian culture in Hollywood: 'Encanto' was chosen for the Oscars

Colombian culture in Hollywood: ‘Encanto’ was chosen for the Oscars

11-24-2021 Disney travels to Colombia for magical realism in the classic “Encanto” to “show the diversity of Latin America” ​​Disney culture

Colombian culture and environmental wealth continue to be strengthened abroad through “Charm”Disney’s new animated movie based on the South American country. The production’s new triumph was known on December 7, when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) included it in its shortlist of Academy Awards nominees in the Best Animated Feature category.

It should be noted that 26 other animated productions also compete in this previous selection. Of these, only five will be selected to name the winner later. It should be noted that the feature films “Sing 2”, “The Addams Family 2”, “Raya” and “The Last Dragon” are also in the same category as the audience.

To select the finalists, a team from the Animation Shorts and Feature Films branch of AMPAS will hold a meeting to deliberate and make a decision. The five selected films will be announced on February 8, 2022.

Then, the winner will be announced on March 27, 2022 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. Yes “Charm” Having become one of the finalists, the film’s team, which includes many Colombians, will have the opportunity to attend the emblematic theater and walk the red carpet, with the possibility of leaving and raising an important award.

It should be noted that among the Colombians participating in the “Charm” There is Edna Liliana Valencia, an Afro-Colombian journalist who was responsible for advising Walt Disney Animation Studios on how they represented the lives of residents in order to create a script for the Colombian-inspired film.

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As for the country’s actors and singers, most of them took part to revive the Spanish version of the production. These include Maria Cecilia Botero, who gives voice to her grandmother Alma Madrigal; Mauro Castillo, Uncle Felix Madrigal; Carolina Gitan is Aunt Pepa. Angie Cepeda gave her voice to Giulietta Madrigal and the singer of Ventino, Olga Vives, is Mirabelle Madriga, the protagonist of the story.

In addition, this film provided what to talk about due to its soundtrack. Lin-Manuel Miranda was the one who wrote the songs for this film, and Colombian artists such as Carlos Vives and Sebastian Yatra were also involved, who provided their voices for the recording of this feature-length film.

“Encanto” is a movie that tells a story madrigal family, He lives in a remote and magical place inspired by some of the landscapes of Colombia. Each member of this family has a special power, except for Mirabel, and although at first she doesn’t feel like she’s in the right place, she will soon realize the power lurking within her.

Not only does the Walt Disney Studios movie break beliefs and stereotypes, it’s also sweeping the box office across the globe. Since its premiere on November 24, the film has broken several records in theater attendance and not only in Colombia, the country where the film was inspired.

The first weekend of December, more than two weeks after its premiere, the film continues to appear in cinemas in the United States, Canada and Colombia, as one of the most-watched theaters.

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On Sunday, December 5, the exhibitor relations specialist reported that the film remained at #1 at the box office in the aforementioned countries, collecting, this weekend alone, more than $12.7 million. It should be noted that five days after its premiere, “Encanto” has raised more than $40 million in the United States alone and another $30 million abroad.

According to information released by Exhibitor Relations, “Encanto” topped the list with $12.7 million, followed by “Ghostbusters: The Legacy” ($10.4 million), crime drama “The House of Gucci” ($6.8 million), and “Christmas” with The Chosen: The Messengers (4.1 million) and in fifth place also from Disney and in alliance with Marvel “Eternals” (3.9 million).

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