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Science Gifts for Christmas 2021

It’s almost Christmas and Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men are going to get their letters but if there’s still a clueless or ignorant person here, we make a list of those science gifts that science lovers or curious people will appreciate. For adults and adults, a list Science Gifts for Christmas 2021.

larval model

For those who don’t know, phages are viruses that attack bacteria (phage for short) and are one of the technologies being investigated to combat antibiotic resistance. In this case, we offer you a very original gift, the phage model, to familiarize yourself with its anatomy in depth.

I leave you here the direct link so you can check if you like it as your own gift or someone else’s gift, or not only for Christmas but also for a birthday! link here. The only downside is that the instructions come in English or Chinese because they are from Aliexpress.

phage model
beech model.

kids microscope

Another good gift to order this Christmas is a children’s microscope. There are different qualities and increments, different prices and I’m looking for one for my nephews that I decided to buy that it. Reasonable amount of magnification (1200x though the image may be unstable), a carrying case and some good accessories to stimulate kids’ curiosity in science.

The Book: My Big Book of Experiences

An anti-boredom book full of fun experiences for all ages, especially children. Simple experiments with things usually found in the house to learn thanks to the experience of when things are going well and when they are not.

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As always, we recommend that you buy it from your usual library, but if you can’t find it, we’ll leave you This amazon link.

A game of experiments

A game of experiments whether it is chemistry games (here you have a compilation), like this one from the popular TV show El Hormiguero. A game to enjoy and learn, promote scientific careers and never lose curiosity. Here Your Hormiguero (scientific experiments plus inventions, magic…)

Anatomical models of your favorite animal

Also on Aliexpress we can find a variety of amazing animal anatomical models. Here we introduce you to the shark (link Here) But there are also cats, dogs, horses, pigs, frogs … a world for you to explore in depth the anatomy of your favorite animal.

Species identification guide or minerals

If what is (or may be your gift) is going out into the countryside, the mountains or seeing birds and being curious to know what you see, then nothing is better than an identification guide. There are many possibilities in this area. One of the Most Ambitious of Birds (Edited by Omega, Svenson is a classic in every self-respecting ornithologist) Here I leave you the amazon link, and guides for identifying the types of plants, it depends a bit on the area you live in, mushroom identification, employment Marine flora and fauna of the Mediterranean… There is a world of gifts giving opportunities.

for metal He is It is ideal for children who are beginning to care about rocks and for more advanced users This guide From Omega (Quality Always Guaranteed).

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