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Ciudad Real College of Chemical Sciences and Technology Relives, as well as in Person, Its Sponsor’s Celebration – University News

Ciudad Real College of Chemical Sciences and Technology Relives, as well as in Person, Its Sponsor’s Celebration – University News

The Faculty of Chemical Sciences and Technology of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) at the Ciudad Real Campus will celebrate this week the feast of San Alberto Magno, the center’s patron saint, with a program of activities mostly resuming after a halt last year as a result of the health crisis and others being held for the first time, as At the Conference on Corporate Interaction between the College of Chemical Science and Technology. In addition, all initiatives will be held in person.

Academic and cultural activities make up the program designed this week by the Faculty of Chemical Sciences and Technologies of the University of Castilla La Mancha on the Ciudad Real Campus to mark the celebration of its patron, San Alberto Magno, who is recovering, and in addition to face-to-face, the bulk of initiatives have been suspended last year as a result of the COVID- pandemic 19.

The bulk of the programs, through which the Center intends to evaluate society through its academic offerings and its professionals, and through which knowledge is generated and imparted in order to contribute to the socio-economic development of the region, will be concentrated on Wednesday, November 17.

On that day, the College of Chemical Sciences and Technology will carry out four different activities. On the other hand, the Scientific-Technological Olympiad and the Regional Conference on Education in Science, Technology and Engineering, which are related to the field of teaching and which highlight the close relationship that the Center maintains with compulsory secondary education. Ten teams will participate in the Olympiad, while more than one hundred secondary school and academic center teachers have registered for the day (evolution in the traditional seminar) with the aim of exchanging teaching experiences.

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At the same time, throughout the morning of November 17, the Faculty of Chemical Sciences and Technology – Trade Interaction Conference 2021, a corporate-focused activity aimed at working on the other main pillars of the Center: Research and Transfer, will be held. With the confirmation of 20 companies and about thirty professors, the conference aims to benefit from the experience of the business forum already in the center and to inform them about the capabilities of the college in terms of generation and transfer of knowledge and the quality of knowledge. trained professionals, possible avenues of cooperation and possibilities that the new RD822 / 2021 opens in the field of dual training; He also thanked them for their cooperation in training their students through external training programs.

Likewise, on that morning there will be an academic act of recognition in which a plaque will be unveiled with the international stamps EUROBACHELOR and EUR-ACE obtained by the Center and which comes to recognize the quality of the training offered at the Centre. In addition, prizes will be given for the best final degree and master’s degree projects, sponsored by the companies Aquona, Incarlopsa, Pernod Ricard, REPSOL and the Regional Division of the Spanish Royal Chemical Society (RSEQ-ST CLM)

In the afternoon, between 4.30 pm and 7.30 pm, an open day is scheduled, within the framework of UCLM Science Week, where high school students and the general public will be able to learn about the facilities and degrees offered in the College of Chemical Sciences and Technology. In the case of interested companies, they will be informed of the scientific-technological presentation and some laboratories will be visited.

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The Works of Saint Albert the Great, whose feast is celebrated today, November 15, on Friday 19, concludes with the Academic Graduation Ceremony for students who have finished their studies in the academic year 2020/2021. At this ceremony, the first batch of BA in Food Science and Technology will be honored, coinciding with their Silver Wedding.

In addition, an exhibition of paintings by Professors of Applied Mathematics and Chemical Engineering, Francisco Bla Martos and Ignacio Gracia Fernandez, respectively; and administration and service staff at the Maria Jose Astellero Díaz Salazar College.