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UAL celebrates the 10th Research Symposium on Experimental Sciences

UAL celebrates the 10th Research Symposium on Experimental Sciences

Almeria.- Within the framework of the San Alberto Festival, on Monday 15 November, the University of Almeria will hold its 10th Research Symposium on Experimental Sciences in the Fourth Lecture Hall of the Kenada Campus.

This Symposium X, organized by the Faculty of Experimental Sciences, is a forum for the meeting and exchange of ideas among young researchers. Its purpose is to create an environment that, in addition to presenting scientific findings, ideas and projects, views are exchanged and thus topics of interest are discussed.

After a turbulent year, attendees are back in this edition, giving continuity to the event and being a showcase of science made at UAL. This year, Gustavo Foster, Pharmacist, Industrial Property Agent and European Patent Agent was responsible for the first general conference, which spoke on the general aspects of industrial property in biotechnology and biomedical research.

Foster explained this with his lecture “Patents in the Life Sciences”. really? The sufficiency and innovative activity of the European Patent Office has attempted that “student researchers or PhDs and people with a PhD or a master’s degree, know that the fruits of research can be patentable and what different areas of research can offer upgrading to those Patents. I also want to see with them what the fruits of the investigation would be for them to send a communication to their TTO.”

One of the highlights of the talk was the explanation of what a patent was, because many in the audience did not know very well what it was. “A patent is an exclusive or passive right that lasts for 20 years and serves to bring about exclusivity to what you have invented in the specific country in which the patent is registered,” Foster explained.

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This year’s San Alberto conference was ‘Nature Conservation in the Anthropocene’ by Miguel Delibes Castro, of Donana Biological Station (CSIC, Seville) and one of the most prominent international figures in the field of conservation biology.

Delibes spoke about the impact of humanity on the transformation of the planet with the emergence of new environmental conditions associated with the impact of human activities. Thus, he indicated during his presentation that there are many tasks that we must solve in order to avoid the irreversible degradation of biodiversity. He has indicated that it is necessary to generate new scientific knowledge, improve environmental governance processes, enhance environmental education and contribute to the development of an environmental ethic that leads to a greater commitment to the planet.

Finally, this afternoon Rodney Thompson of the University of Almeria will give a public lecture entitled “Preparation and Publishing of Good Scientific Articles”, in which he delves into the characteristics that a good article should have or how to prepare it.

X Symposium of Experimental Sciences contains dozens of investigations presented in label form, or in flash mode. This year the Symposium awards seven prizes of €300 in cash for the best poster/presentation, and four prizes of €150 in cash for the best poster-type contributions.

The poster board is divided into sections: Biotechnology and Industrial Bioprocesses; Applied and Environmental Sciences. Chemistry and Mathematics.