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Quick and Easy Japanese Workout Routine That Helps You Lose Weight

Quick and Easy Japanese Workout Routine That Helps You Lose Weight

Many people lose weight and Weight loss Eat a healthy diet and exercise routinely. These are two recommendations that some specialists suggest to patients who, in addition to wanting to shed those extra kilos, They intend to take care of themselves.

Although there are multiple ways to exercise, to find out which one is perfect for each individual, it is best to go to a professional. Currently the skoma method “wins”, Simple routine originally from Japan Works on the abdomen, legs, buttocks and arms.

Although it comes from Japan, the Sakuma method is based on Swedish gymnastics movements, as reported Health 180. With these exercises, the body should strive to balance posture and simplicity. but, Why is this specific activity recommended?

Get a mat or blanket

As said in a few lines above, perseverance when exercising is vital slim down and weight loss. The Skoma method has the advantage of taking less time to practice. in this way, You won’t have to move for hours to see the result.

First, you will have to roll out a mat and lie on your back (Unsplash)

A study by Chris Slintz, an exercise physiologist at Duke University (United State), indicates that doing aerobic exercise for eight months eliminates belly fat 1.5 times faster than a combination of aerobic exercise and weights. That is why it is important, once you have mentioned the benefits of the skoma method, Explain what their movements consist of.

in the first place, You will have to unfold the mat and lie on your back. Next, you have to put your hands behind your neck and bring your ankles together. After ten seconds, it is recommended to tie your legs and repeat the procedure for one minute. With this exercise, a person is able to work the buttocks. The second movement requires taking the same position as the previous one, holding your arms in front of your face and raising your legs.

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There are a series of steps to follow to avoid a sedentary lifestyle

If more than one wonders if the SCUMA method is done exclusively in the supine position, It’s time to wake up. The third movement involves standing with your legs slightly apart, your arms extended up, and your hands clasped. Next, you will have to lift your feet off the floor and stand on tiptoe for thirty seconds.

Abdominal activation

A fourth exercise in the same position works on the abdomen. Those who know squat They will realize the simplicity of movement. This time you have to bend your knees and raise your arms parallel to the floor. Although not everyone will have to hold out for the same amount of time, it is recommended that you remain bent for about thirty seconds.

Photo: Combining diet and exercise is the best weight-loss trick (Bruno Nascimento for Unsplash)

After lying down and standing up, it’s time to change position. It will be necessary to take a chair for the fifth movementYou should be sitting on its edge with your back straight. Next, you will have to raise your hips on one side and lower your thigh. Some experts suggest holding for ten seconds and repeating the gesture for a minute.

In short, there are a series of steps that must be followed in order to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and to enhance the movement of the body. However, It is recommended to go to a personal trainer Or an expert who develops an exercise routine based on the characteristics and goals of each. Likewise, nutritionists and doctors always recommend following a diet Healthy with exercise.

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