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Ciencias cannot surprise Pepe Rojo’s VRAC

And2023 started in honor division Men in a high-altitude match between VRAC Quesos Entrepinares and Real Ciencias Enerside: first against second. A Pepe Rojo saw a very even match, in which New Zealand’s success took half of Greg dyer I tip the scales for the cheese makers (21-15) in the final minutes. Familiar faces in both groups, where many Scientists They knew what it was like to be a local in Pepe Rojo. One of them, Axel. the father, was the first to support the oval in the test area. Mikhail stringersMartinian blue sky and William Dominguez Complete the list of goalscorers.

the Silverstorm El Salvador He was visiting San Amaro for a provincial derby and there was a lot at stake. Both groups came in third and fourth place. With the victory of the Burgos team (38-19), they overcame the weak team in the standings. Nico rocks Close annotations of some local residents who ran four trials. Argentine Juan Diego Zabaligi He emerged in a duel with sticks.

Another Derby was played on Division of Honor Day. At La Teixonera they measure Para Rugby and Uni Sportiva Santbuiana. Start at equal positions on the board. The article is in Mariano’s last play pig, a heel from Saint-Puy and with a past in Parra, wasn’t enough to win. those in Santiago Montejudo They remained in fifth place with 24 points.

The third derby of the day was held in Villajoyosa where there was only one colour, Les Abel Oranges. the bumblebee They dominated from start to finish. Latest article Emilian A secret society Puts the finishing touch to the match by serving the Valencia team to get out of the promotion zone. CR La Vila 0-35 Les Abelles.

The final Sunday match was played in Valle de las Canas, where Pozuelo received Guernica. Jose Antonio Barrio’s team dominated the first halfanvil(19-0) decided the match. The bases responded with a test by Johannes Joss, though it was two runs from Bautista Arrans and young fielder David Gallego that ensured the home run.

The match, postponed to Saturday, was held in Altamira, where Ambo is located Ordizia receive to Cisneros Complutense. was the name of the party Ignacio Rodriguez Guerra He will train with his club after more than a year. At the end of 2021, he suffered a severe knee injury that sidelined him. An important victory for Complutense Cisneros (10-34) puts him in eighth place.

rest of the basik belinos.

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