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Chico Perez’s challenges before the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin

Chico Perez’s challenges before the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin

What challenges will Chico Perez have to face at the US Grand Prix in Austin?

AUSTIN, Texas.-G Group ActivityUnited States Award to F1 in Austin Thursday, October 19th begins with an information day where a question will be asked Sergio Perez It will be a question of how he emerges from his second slump in the 2023 season, but what he really has in front of him are challenges to overcome on his own.

Away from all the turmoil and background noise that has accompanied Chico Perez since his arrival Red Bull, Even before that, the main challenge for the Guadalajara-born driver is to overcome the Chico Perez who made mistakes, who was inconsistent and who could have done more and failed, especially in the last three Grand Prix races in Singapore, Suzuka and Losail, where he could only collect 5 points.

The discomfort in the car should be reduced by the hours of factory work that Chico Perez has put in since finishing the race in Qatar, but the degree of difficulty increases at the Circuit of the Americas, because it will be a career weekend. Sprint This subjects the drivers to one practice session on Friday, so, every time they are out on the track, it will be crucial, with two qualifying and two races, one of 19 and the other of 56 laps around the Texas track. Its length is 5,513 meters.

Chico Challenges

On a conservative plan…the Czech Republic should enter the third quarter on Friday without problems…

We all know that Chico Perez is not a particularly impressive driver on Saturdays (the day Qualys are usually held), but we also know that between a complicated car, changing conditions and mistakes, he has suffered more than necessary in 2023.

The conservative, optimistic view for Austin would be for him to qualify Friday for Sunday’s race in the top six. It is also a confidence booster that can have a positive impact on the rest of the sessions.

In an ideal scenario…the Czechs should qualify on the front row

If Red Bull driver Sergio Perez’s name is in one of the first two lines of the Q3 Grand Prix results table, preferably alongside Max Verstappen, then the order of things will return to what is known. To Baku

Conservatively… the Czech should be in the first two rows of the penalty shootout

In a race of only 19 laps, you have to be on the front lines, no matter what, and choose the perfect tire.

Chico Perez has to put himself, at least, behind the front row

In an ideal scenario… Chico should be very close to Verstappen

Qualifying for the fight from the start with Max Verstappen (even though he later complained) is the ideal scenario for Chico Perez.

Arriving at the first COTA corner, called ‘Big Red’, where the two Red Bulls battle it out for the lead.

Conservatively…Chico requires finishing every race in Austin, ahead of Hamilton

The 29 points that separate Chico Perez and Lewis Hamilton are not a specific distance when there are still five grands prix to be held and two of them with sprint races.

The only mathematics that helps Chico Perez avoid fears and incommensurables is to lead Lewis Hamilton in every session, especially the one that awards points.

It doesn’t matter if Chico is eighth, or Hamilton is at least ninth…and by the way, Fernando Alonso is tenth.

The ideal scenario for Chico…is to put several car lengths between him and Luis

The best remedy to calm Chico Perez’s nerves in the Drivers’ Championship is the distance between him and Lewis Hamilton. We said nothing above, but here you go, because the ideal situation is to have one, two or three cars between the Mexican from Red Bull and the seven-time English world champion with wheels from Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton leaving open the possibility of ‘sweet theft’ at the final race of the year in Abu Dhabi is tantamount to daring a sweet tooth not to put his hand in the cake before serving it.

On a conservative plan…the Czech Republic should look competitive against McLaren

It is clear that Woking Cars is the team closest to Red Bull in 2023.

McLaren’s late awakening would not give them a runner-up finish, but they did secure two podium places with Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri.

Chico Perez should be in the mix between the Papaya cars and this will be a sign that he has also opened his eyes and escaped the quagmire that has left him drowsy in the last three races.

In an ideal scenario… Chico should put the Red Bull in Austin as a strong 1-2 team

Red Bull with a 1-2 at the US Grand Prix in Austin would put the RB19 where everyone expects it to be, including Checo. A coup against power to end the year in style.

In a conservative plan… Chico Perez must find consistency

It is said successively and very quickly, but the consistency in each session is the most complex and, at the same time, the most complex. An equal performance within expectations, without any dips or mistakes, would be a good ending to the season for Chico Perez.

In the ideal case

Chico will be released from Cota if he can achieve a very high note, by which we mean a win or a second place in rhythm and close to the winner (which logic suggests could be Max Verstappen) and that will take him, on the way without touching the ground, to the Grand Prix For Mexico City with a creative and harmonious “momentum”.

Great race and everything that happened will be forgotten.


Should Chico Perez leave the foul box empty, the first step will put him in a position to put the #11 car in the top spots of every session. In the end, the medal hanging around the neck at the end of the sprint and the trophy in hand when descending from the awards ceremony on Sunday will represent overcoming the challenges that surround the Mexican driver today.

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