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Chicharito Hernandez sees retirement from football 'in the medium term'

Chicharito Hernandez sees retirement from football ‘in the medium term’


Not too close, not too far! Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez I announce it ‘Imagined withdrawn’ in the medium termand that complements the critical factor for the analysis will be the method in which her body He answers, because he is a very demanding person with himself.

When will Chicareto retire?

Yes I see myself (retired) in the medium termIt would be the most accurate thing I can say. long-term, I imagine about 10 or 15 years ago, I think the body no longer gives me. Who do you know? I’m 33, yeah my body gives me, it responds to me the way it should, because it too I am a very demanding person with myself‘, said he shares Chicharito during a press conference.

“So, If I don’t feel or if my body doesn’t respond to me The way I think it could be, It would be time for another colleague to take my place. I really don’t know, but I see myself middle termthough clears, nobody ever knows, at the end of this season I’ll be retiring or maybe we’ll continue doing interviews during 10, 20 years old, you never know“.

Chicharito Hernandez You are currently having a great moment in Major League Soccer (MLS). It was mexican Beginners in all nine games That go from the campaign, registration Five goals This made him among the top 10 scorers in the American League.

Likewise, the best scorer in the history mexican national team Do not lose hope that you will be able to earn a place in the triple call of World Cup Qatar 2022. However, despite its great moment, Gerardo Martino He stands firm.

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