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Chelsea: Romelu Lukaku’s controversial comments and Thomas Tuchel’s response |  Premier League

Chelsea: Romelu Lukaku’s controversial comments and Thomas Tuchel’s response | Premier League

Chelsea’s dressing room has caught fire due to the controversial comments of Romelu Lukaku.

And the Belgian striker admitted last Thursday that he was not satisfied at Chelsea, who had just appeared with him, and ventured into the highly anticipated return to Inter, where he left to join the London club.

And if that wasn’t enough, on Friday he reaffirmed his desire to return to Italian soil and confirmed that a return to Stamford Bridge was not in his plans. As expected, the situation came to a head and Thomas Tuchel, the team’s coach, responded to his manager.

Everything exploded!

I’m fine physically. But I’m not happy with the situation at Chelsea. Tuchel chose to play with another system. I’m not happy and that’s normal. The only thing I can do is not give up and keep going like a pro‘,” the scorer initially told Sky Sports.

He also regretted the way he left Inter. “It shouldn’t have happened this way and I’m sorry for the fans. It wasn’t the right time. I have Inter in my heart and I hope to play there again.” “I want from the bottom of my heart to return to Inter. I don’t want to do it at the end of my career, but when I’m at the topThe Belgian international said.

Lukaku attended Sky Sport again on Friday and confirmed his intention to return to the Nerazzurri team: “Inzaghi has always been great to me, he called me to explain his thoughts as soon as he arrived. I knew that he was very good tactically, and that, with him, the team could take a step forward … Today they are playing really well and I hope they win, because I love them all, thanks to them I am Lukaku today“.

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He was even encouraged to remember Argentine Lautaro Martinez, with whom he could “die on the grass” and whom he hopes to see again at Inter, and Italian coach Antonio Conte, who was dismissed, the news that “hurt” him.

On the other hand, he completely “lowered the baton” to Chelsea, noting that after “making history” in the Italian league, he was confident of reaching “three major teams: Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern”. Unfortunately, when nothing came of it, he implied that he had to accept the “blues”.

The situation got to the point where Tuchel, one of those mentioned by Lukaku, referred to the issue in a press conference: “To be honest, I didn’t like them because they bring in noise that we don’t need… It’s easy to take the data out of context and of course I didn’t like it. They make noise we don’t need and they don’t help“.

We’ll talk to Lukaku from behind. It surprises me because I don’t see him unhappy, on the contrary. We can take some time to try to understand what’s going on with Romelu, it doesn’t reflect his everyday situation‘, he finished.

All the inner chaos of the current Champions League champion…