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Checo Pérez debuted a piece in his car that only Verstappen owned and won in the first half

Checo Pérez debuted a piece in his car that only Verstappen owned and won in the first half

Singapore /

Finally they gave him the same tools to compete and see the result Czech Perez give to Red Bull Racing. The Winning the Grand Prix in Singapore Sunday meant reconciling the Mexican with himself after complicated weeks and the main thing was that The first time he was allowed to use a part in his car that only owned Max Verstappen.

These technical issues were detected by the specialized site motorsportsthat has been detected The big little change in Perez Mendoza’s carwho took the competition from one end to the other at Marina Bay, where he was honored by local and international media for his performance.

According to the aforementioned broker, Checo Pérez modified the configuration on the flat bottom of his car By incorporating that piece that was reserved for his teammate in recent races, which has helped the Mexican reduce weight, maintain better balance and enhance the durability of his tyres.

Estimated that this Czech RB18 Lightning within his Yield increase, about 0 3 per 10 kilogramsa number that might seem small, but that was key if we remember Charles Leclerc’s chase of the guy from Guadalajara, who was 0.3 seconds apart from him at one point, but even with the DRS activated, he did catch up.

Global praise for Checo Pérez

they win in singaporethe fourth driver of the Great Automobile Circus, finally earning it Praise for Sergio Michel Perez Mendozastarting with people at home like Christian Horner and Helmut Markoand the second of this indexing The “sovereign” of the Mexican administration On the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

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In the The international press also highlighted Red Bull’s racing performancewho came just two points behind Leclerc in the fight for second place in the World Drivers’ Championship, Max Verstappen was comfortably ahead by more than 100 points.