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The dog called Bermúdez Martinoli and Luis Garcia to say goodbye

The dog called Bermúdez Martinoli and Luis Garcia to say goodbye

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If we didn’t hear it directly from the two involved, we wouldn’t believe it. Christian Martinoli and Luis Garcia are invited Enrique “Doug” Bermúdez to be a part of Farewell tour as a commentator on TUDNalthough only good intentions remained at that, according to the testimony of the symbolic duo of Ajusco.

On Dr. Garcia’s YouTube channel, Korean Martinoli Confirmed that Peruvian Bermúdez wanted to add her to his farewell on TelevisaBut for obvious reasons, the talks did not progress. What’s more, he ended up in a “between friends” conversation, ever since Martinoli, Garcia and Bermúdez de la Serna They have a friendly relationship.

“You see Peláez is going to be on the doggie farewell tour,” both characters said in the video recorded before El Tri’s friendly games in California against Colombia and Peru last September. Inviting Bermudas to talk together for the only occasion Before the person retires from Televisa.

We came on board with Perro Bermúdez, He is our friend and we love him so much, we gave him kisses and hugs. came to us and He told us he wanted us to say goodbye to TUDN; Well, this guy (Martinoli) is more than me, but since we are married, he told us about the invitation to us,” said Garcia Postigo.

According to Martinoli, the dog said: “The Azteca will not leave them.”, which imitated the unmistakable sound of a historic sports microphone. The Argentine-born replied with the answer: “Same, why didn’t you invite us to say goodbye?” “They will not let them narrate with me, but they know from the heart that they are called by me.”.

Listen to the tale from 15:00

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How many World Cup tournaments has Peruvian Bermúdez narrated?

The Peru Bermúdez announced that Qatar 2022 will be the last World Cup for Croatsa story that began without interruption from Argentina 78, through Spain 82, Mexico 86, Italy 90, United States 94, France 98, Korea and Japan 2002, Germany 2006, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018.

until, TUDN announced that it will be casting To search for new rapporteurs who can be the successors to the legend Enrique Bermúdez de la Sernawho will be present at some stages of this recruitment.