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Channing Tatum accompanied his daughter to Taylor Swift’s concert and revolutionized social networks

Channing Tatum accompanied his daughter to Taylor Swift’s concert and revolutionized social networks

Actor Channing Tatum proved to be a fan of Taylor Swift and accompanied his daughter Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tattum to the concert, where she had fun and sang all the songs.

Channing Tatum He does not stop falling in love, this time it was shown in its most tender version. The actor accompanied his daughter Everly Elizabeth Maisel Tatum to the concert Taylor Swift in it SoFi Stadium in AngelsWhere he explained that he is a big fan of the singer and that he is a real father fast.

In the pictures circulating on the various social networks, the little girl is seen always Entering the stadium hand in hand with his father who, as expected, caught the attention of those present.

Channing Tatum He has shown his true fanaticism for Taylor Swift and that he shares this taste with his daughter, with whom he makes the best moments.

The 43-year-old actor arrived in shorts and a black T-shirt with the words: “It’s me, hi, it’s me dad, it’s me” (“It’s me, hi, it’s me dad it’s me”), an apparent reference to a speech “anti-hero” to Taylor Swift.

But that wasn’t all, because she was also wearing very funny makeup: a sparkly pink heart decorated with stars on her left eye.

Channing Tatum arrived looking sparkly at Taylor Swift’s party with his daughter and enjoyed all the songs from the party.

After the actor’s photos and video went viral, many followers highlighted how beautiful he is in his role as a father.

“I’m crying, it’s so real,” I adore @channingtatum now more than ever. There is nothing more exciting than being a great dad! I did well! “,” He has a sweetheart’s heart shining on his face? I love you,” were some of the comments.

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It is worth noting that this is not the first time this has been done Channing It reveals that it is a file fast More, since 2015 announced Vanity Fair Who would love to listen to “Shake it Off”.

“Taylor Swift is a charlatan in an amazing way. I don’t know what he’s doing in this video, but my daughter is going to watch it like crazy,” she said, referring to the “Shake If Off” clip.

Channing Tatum Talk about the challenge of becoming a parent always, now 10 years. The 43-year-old actor shares custody of his young daughter with his ex-wife Jenna Dewan.

in conversation on the show todayOne of the presenters asked him how he was doing as a father, and he said, amid a nervous laugh, “I have no idea.” He added, “I’m just trying to move on. I think you, like every other parent, are just trying not to spoil your kids. But you know you’re going to.”

Channing Tatum spoke out and shared an emotional message on social networks to his daughter Everly, with whom he shared the experience of being a single father. @channingtatum / Instagram

He also said that his nerves got the best of him when they told him he was going to be a father 10 years ago and emphasized that as children get older, parents begin to realize when they should set boundaries for their children.

Oddly enough, children, even if they don’t want limits, do. Your anxiety decreases, and your stress level goes down when you understand the rules. And they’re not even your rules, we call them house rules,” Tatum concluded for the show today.

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