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Pamela Franco On Her Relationship With Christian Dominguez: 'If We're Three Years Old, Celebrate' Varandola NNDC Artist of the Year |  Offers

Pamela Franco On Her Relationship With Christian Dominguez: ‘If We’re Three Years Old, Celebrate’ Varandola NNDC Artist of the Year | Offers

She said she was excited after getting her pass to the Artist of the Year final. In addition, the singer spoke about the important role that Christian Dominguez played during his participation in the Gisela Falcarcel show.

“I am excited and worried. When I first entered the program, I had just given birth, after pregnancy I felt weak, my way of thinking changed”, Comment on the tabloid.

Franco revealed that it was Dominguez who encouraged her to say yes to the competition challenge for the “Artist of the Year” track. “He is guilty of being there, he made me say yes to this great challenge. He helped me so much, without his support I wouldn’t have been able to do it”And the recounted.

On the other hand, the Cumbia singer spoke about the fun time she is living next to her daughter’s father. “It’s the beautiful part of love, we are not just a couple, we are also friendsWe support each other, he is my critic who helps me grow, he is my partner in everything, “ He said.

He even joked that he would celebrate when he was three years old with the leader of the “Great International Orchestra”.

“I’m a realist, we all have experiences, I can’t talk about a past life, nobody criticizes it, I live from the present. What is for me will be for me, when they say after three years I take it as a joke. What’s more, I played with it, I told Christian if we were three we’d celebrate and make it public”, added.

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The national artist said that she is not a babysitter and prefers to trust her partner. “No, imagine, this would not be a life, Always be aware of the couple. I trust him, but if he wants to leave, he’ll leave. The person who wants to cheat you is cheating on you so take care of him. I’m not a babysitter, not that “, It was limited.

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