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‘Betty, Ugly’: This Was Lorna Cepeda’s ‘Choice’ for the Role of ‘La Bellitnida’ |  people |  entertainment

‘Betty, Ugly’: This Was Lorna Cepeda’s ‘Choice’ for the Role of ‘La Bellitnida’ | people | entertainment

Lorna Cepeda will be remembered for her iconic role as “la Peliteñida” in the timeless telenovela “Yo soy Betty, la fea”.

The famous phrase “six semesters of finance in San Marino” made her one of the most remembered characters of the Colombian telenovela. Ugly Betty, so much so that Lorna Cepeda has now appeared on an episode of ‘celebrity masterchef He wears a T-shirt that remembers his character Patricia Fernandez.

Before what happened, many fans brushed off their memories of their beginnings, especially how it was Pour To stay with the comedic character of The Peliteñida.

On a show for ‘Bravíssimo She recalled her work on the series for which she won the Best Supporting Actress award. He stressed that “that character was wonderful.” He explained that the role was performed thanks to its writer and director, in addition to the school setting and acting that was important in his work. Pour Colombian production.

According to the Argentine portal InfobaeIt was on .’s “La movida” show RCN That Cepeda revealed the details of the audition and the actress believed that she was not chosen by the recruits because it was a very quick audition with few comments about it. However, the response was positive.

‘Which – which Pour from The Peliteñida He was stubborn, because I was in it RCN From ten in the morning until nine in the evening. I waited, and waited and nothing happened to me, until they finally made me.” In addition, he noted that the most attention-grabbing gesture of his character is when he throws his hair in the faces of others and reveals that his inspiration was from a friend.” I had a girlfriend named Patricia, and in every Once someone fell in love with her, she would pull her hair out.”

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