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Romeo Santos recibe Gran Soberano y deja discusión sobre su dominicanidad

Romeo Santos receives the Great Sovereign and leaves the debate on his Dominican Republic

Romeo Santos received the Great Sovereign corresponding to the year 2020 and after his words he left a media debate of the Sovereign about his origins, his patriotic feeling and questions like why he didn’t mention his Dominican father.

“I know my mother was born and raised in Puerto Rico, I have a special affection for Puerto Rican, I was born and raised in New York, but my heart is Dominican and I will always be Bachatero,” Romeo said. Receipt of the award a minute and a half after its announcement.

In addition to applause, cheers and cheers, as Romeo Santos tends to provoke, he also received a barrage of questions, notes and comments on social networks for his words he gave, noting that it was “a bit terrible” for the letters.

“We just rubbed it again he’s not Dominican,” user Leiram.hz wrote on Listín Diario’s Instagram.

“Romeo doesn’t care about these awards because he didn’t show up and today he came, they gave him the Sovereignty and reminds us that he’s basically not Dominican,” Patricia Orbiz wrote on Listín Diario’s Instagram.

“It happened in that comment,” de Jesus Infante replied.

Many believe that the nerves or feelings that his father did not include in the letter.

Anthony Santos, his real name, was born in the Bronx, New York, on July 21, 1981.

His father is a Dominican from Mocha, According to the artist himself, he hung in 2019 during his popular tour in the towns of the Dominican Republic.

“Mocha, I am happy to sing tonight in my father’s land, Francisco Santos Arias,” Romeo said to the mass crowd reviewed by Listin Diario on December 5, 2019.

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In the same year, he congratulated his father, the musician, Anthony Santos, “The Mimbi” and there he referred to his father.

“Most people who follow my career know that my biological father is Francisco Santos, The perfect man that I would love and would give my life for. But the one you see in the picture is my artistic father. The artist known as Anthony Santos, El Bachato, Membe, The Spoiled Little Black Man, Who Couldn’t Do It With Him”, wrote the artist with a picture with “The Basati”.

Romeo has always carried the bachata rhythm loud, the original country rhythm. More than two decades after he began contributing to the global “flourishing” of Spanish music with “Obsesión”, he can shine more proudly than ever with the mace of “rey de la bachata” as the author of numerous international albums and extraordinary sales, demonstrating that his It was more than just a fashion.