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Reasons for criticizing Angela Aguilar and her family in a restaurant in the United States.

Reasons for criticizing Angela Aguilar and her family in a restaurant in the United States.

Ángela Aguilar, after starring in one of the most iconic musical breaks of 2022, It continues to give something to talk about in the world of entertainment.

The young singer has been subjected to endless criticism as a result of the comments she made On social networks, such as the occasion where he claimed to be “25% Argentinian”.

However, this time Angela Aguilar and her family once again caused a stir afterwards The spread of a video recorded by a waiter who served them in a restaurant in the United States.

In this recording you can see Angela Aguilar with her father Baby Aguilar The rest of his siblings are eating in a restaurant.

When the family was ready to pay the bill, The waiter came to their table and ordered the food that each of them had eaten.

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To his surprise, only Aguilar bloodline I left her $20 tip despite being considered one of the richest families in the Mexican music scene.

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The position of Angela Aguilar and her family was immediately criticized on social networks, where A large group of them have been described as “stingy” for leaving such a small amount as a tip.

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“they are stingy” “For a table of five, $20 tip is not enough”, “since they are Argentine, $20 is too much money for them” and “fame is not synonymous with education” were some of the comments received by the Aguilar dynasty.

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however, Some of his followers defended Angela Aguilar’s position Your family by ensuring that gratuities in some restaurants are not mandatory.

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“Tipping is not mandatory”, “It does not matter if you are a public figure or not, the tip is according to the service rendered” and “The staff is very used to tips”these fans pointed out.