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Cartagena: Students denounce drugging for theft |  Globalism

Cartagena: Students denounce drugging for theft | Globalism

Unibac student representative.

Once the students became weak, they were stripped of their belongings, including their cell phones.

They say the criminals stole not only their materials, but also their phone keys and emails, which they used to make bank transfers from 100,000 to 160,000 pesos. The Taliban claim that the two men pretended to be in uniform to solicit money from their phone contacts. Fortunately, they did not succeed.

They add that a fellow student found them disoriented, near one of the Transcaribe stations.

“They were lying on the floor, confused, and the tourists helped them,” says a representative of Unibac students.

It’s a way

After filing complaints with the authorities, young people say the police confirmed that “this form of theft is carried out by a clearly behaving criminal gang”. Everything indicates that this criminal act is constantly presented in the center of Cartagena; Tourists are the most vulnerable to these attacks. You are interested: the numbers behind the insecurity in Cartagena

The fine arts student community is concerned and is asking the authorities for more police presence in the Plaza de San Diego, to avoid these kinds of situations that endanger people’s physical and mental integrity.

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