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Research in dentistry: personalized treatments for patients

Research in dentistry: personalized treatments for patients

Fiftieth Congress of the Spanish Society of Dentistry and Prosthetics held in Madrid / EFE / Javier Liaño

This was explained to EFEsalud by clinicians and researchers Eduardo Antoa and Mariano Sanz, leaders of dental research worldwide, who participated in the 50th Congress of the Spanish Society of Dentistry and Aesthetics (SEPES), which will take place this weekend. At the IFEMA Municipal Congress Center in Madrid.

The SEPES conference brings together, in person and online, around 2,000 dentists, and will feature over 80 local and international speakers from countries such as the United States, Brazil, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Professor Mariano Sanz

Professor Mariano Sanz, MD, specialist in periodontal disease, highlights advances in digital technology and the personalization of dental treatments.

“The big advance in our profession is that we are running away from prescriptions that apply to everyone. We have to analyze the patient as an individual, their vulnerability to diseases and their structural characteristics,” he explains to EFEsalud.

Dentistry Mariano Sanz
Physician and researcher Mariano Sanz at the 50th Congress of SEPES / EFE / Javier Liaño

He continues, “We have 3D digital analysis tools that allow us to individualize treatments for the areas to be restored: teeth, face and smile. Custom dentistry means applying each patient what they need according to their own circumstances and condition.”

Dr. Eduardo Anitua

This week Dr. Eduardo Anitoa received the National Innovation Award 2021 from the Ministry of Science and is the author of the growth factor-rich plasma technology that has for decades been applied to oral and maxillofacial surgery, but also to sports medicine, dermatology or ophthalmology, among other specialties.

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In dentistry, Dr. Anitua confirms to EFEsalud, “We have taken a step forward with a biological approach to oral surgery; our contribution has been to the world of innovation.”

Eduardo Anitoa, MD, specialist in dentistry, highlights the high level of dental research in Spain and stresses that digitization is going “faster” in this specialty than in other fields of medicine.

Dentistry Eduardo Anitua
Dr. Eduardo Anitoa at the 50th Congress of SEPES / EFE / Javier Liaño

“Artificial intelligence has completely changed the world and we will be able to deliver treatments based on what is most predictable according to the patient’s circumstances,” he adds.

For Anitoa, “personalized medicine is a fact” and he adds, “It has been a historical fact in dentistry, because the mouth is different for every tooth. Dentistry is always extraordinarily personal.”

Spanish leadership in dentistry

Dr. Anitoa notes that Spanish research groups in dentistry “are becoming world leaders. Professionals from all over Europe and half the world come to our universities and postgraduate courses to learn.”

conspiracy Seasonwhose motto is “For a Happy Patient”, develops today and tomorrow an intensive clinical and scientific agenda, and concludes on Monday with a new program where dentistry is linked to aspects such as nutrition, sleep and general. well-being.