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Carlos Vela would rather return to Europe than play in Liga MXMediotiotiempo

Carlos Vela would rather return to Europe than play in Liga MXMediotiotiempo

Mexico City /

Carlos Candle Recently renewed contract with Los Angeles Football Club Until 2023, but during that negotiation period There were Mexican teams that approached him to play for the first time in Liga MXWhich was always excluded for the Mexican striker, who preferred to return to Europe over Mexico.

“I received an offer and spoke to some teams but my choice was to continue here If it didn’t, I would have looked at the European option, which was my second choice.but there were Mexican teams and They weren’t the best options. “I had it for my career,” the striker said at a press conference.

The bomber explained it Negotiations were always positive between LAFC and him, though he added that as in any negotiation there were points where they did not agree and the two sides had to waive different terms.

“As in any negotiation, there are things but deep down we wanted the same and it was just polishing the details, but in the end this is business, they can find another player and here I am; This is life, nobody dies here but we all wanted the same. Finally it came I am happy to continue defending this team.”

On the other hand, Villa pointed out that Chiellini and Bill Arrival They’ll be essential to winning the MLS title: “Now there’s that cherry on the cake that gets us all excited because it gives us a greater chance of being champions and it’s a pressure we have to know how to get through.”

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