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Carlos Vela: "Gareth Bale happily came to LAFC"

Carlos Vela: “Gareth Bale happily came to LAFC”

Once he landed on Mlmaximum Gareth Bale He made it clear that he did not need time to adapt, because he immediately began to show his competence at Los Angeles Football Cluba franchise that has emerged as one of the favorites to fight for this year’s Major League title in Major League Soccer.

Carlos Vela, LAFC Leader and current partner of Bale, spoke with MLSoccer.com She confirmed it Gareth Bale came to LA FC to be happyBecause it has everything you need to feel comfortable not only in sports.

“He was looking for that because he definitely had options to stay in Europe, go back to England or Wales. But he decided to come to LAFC because he wants to be happy. It’s a place to be happy and also to score goals and hopefully win the championship.”pointed out.

Villa was excited about the level Bale showed before the World Cup. In addition, the Mexican confirmed that the Welshman will be a key player in the search for the long-awaited league championship. “I think they are seeing Gareth better than the last two seasons, for sure. He is preparing for the World Cup, so he will be in great shape and help us achieve our goal of winning the MLS Cup.”.

Title or nothing in LAFC

Carlos Vela was clear in suggesting that with Bale and Giorgio Chiellini, the team should aim to win the MLS Cup, or it would be a very heavy blow against the franchise.

“We are preparing him so that he will be in the playoffs at a dominant level, and of course, with him, with Giorgio (Cheellini), with all the team we have, our only goal is the championship. If we don’t get it, it will be bad for us.”he completed.

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