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Según la astrofísica Carla Arce Tord es importante seguir invirtiendo en este tipo de investigación, porque redunda en beneficio de toda la humanidad. (Archivo personal)

Carla Ars – Astrocarla replies: “With James Webb we shall see the furthest thing from the universe” | technology

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The Peruvian scientist – known on social media as AstroCarla – explains to El Comercio the significance of the launch of James Webb Space Telescope And why you should continue to invest in science.

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“Why is this important? release?

To observe the farthest, oldest and smallest sources in the universe, we need technology that is increasingly powerful and extremely sensitive. The Earth’s atmosphere is an obstacle to observations of the universe, because it requires high sensitivity, and sending telescopes into space is a major advance. But this is not enough: We need wide, well-made mirrors that help us collect as much light as possible.

“Is that why Hubble is so important?”

Launched in 1990, Hubble was and remains a turning point in astrophysics. but now James Webb It will handle all the technological improvements: a larger main reflector with higher sensitivity, a larger field of view and the best resolution yet, capable of observing the smallest and most distant objects in the universe. If Hubble were able to spot the first galaxies in the formation, Webb will be able to observe the first galaxies at birth. We’ll look at the universe as often as we can yet.

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– What do you say to those who indicate that what is invested in these projects can be used for other things?

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Part of our progress and future survival as a species is directly related to understanding the universe. Not knowing and trying to understand the universe in which we live is like wanting to live inside a cave in complete ignorance of what is happening outside. Not only would it be dangerous, but it’s not in our nature as explorers. Moreover, the generation of knowledge and the development of new techniques for the study of the natural sciences lay the foundations for applied science, technology and innovation.

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