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can not understand it!  The footballer dodges a teammate’s goal by dropping the line: “What did we just watch?”

can not understand it! The footballer dodges a teammate’s goal by dropping the line: “What did we just watch?”


The Canadian Premier League gave us an even more extraordinary spectacle this weekend in its long-suffering win FC . value on me HFX Touring (1-0).

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Which is that the local team was able to take the initiative from the first half, but one of its elements lost his head and avoided the goal, when he thought the ball had already crossed the line.

The main protagonist of this story William Akeus. The Values He slowly spun a play that was heading towards the first goal in the 17th minute.

Good trip to the box Alessandro Reggie Make the ball break the goalkeeper’s resistance Christian Ochsner. But as the ball crossed the line, William Akeus He came and kicked the ball wide to keep the score clean. Yes, the goal did not count.

Surprised and confused, they responded on the field to understand what had happened. The striker refused what was his teammate’s goal. “What did we just witness!? One of the most bizarre scenes in football history. The player celebrated his goal so early and one of his team kicked the ball into the side line before it crossed the line completely,” the official tournament account wrote, also asking for clarification.

In addition, networks FC . value They also did not know how to deal with this unusual move. “We’re not sure what just happened!” Then they concluded with another phrase: “We … we will not talk about this.”

Fortunately, the FC . value He ended up taking all three points. per minute 84 Joseph Daniel Ascanio I found a hole in the right wing and sent a cross into the area, where Musa Dyer He was in the perfect position to get around the net and win.

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Users in social networks question the position of William Akeus They think that there is some kind of internal conflict within the campus, but at the end of the day only the hero will be able to explain what he did.