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The severity of Nestor Araujo's injury was revealed in America

The severity of Nestor Araujo’s injury was revealed in America

The Mexican defender had made his gray debut with the Eagles, having had to come off the bench in the second half against Monterrey.

Nestor Araujo caused a lot of anxiety at Club América.
© picture 7Nestor Araujo caused a lot of anxiety at Club América.

Nestor Araujo Caused a lot of anxiety after He left injured the match between America s MontereyAgo Pain crumbs He did not call for positive thinking. In the end, the score was negative for the Eagles, but the good news is that the Mexican debut wasn’t as bad as everyone thought.

National team He could barely play 56 minutes In his first appearance with Azulcrimas in Liga MX. During that time he had two interceptions and left the team with a 2-1 lead. Upon his departure, night fell upon those led by Fernando Ortiz, since then Eight minutes turned it around And they couldn’t recover.

It was clear that Nestor’s departure from the field of play affected the defensive standings, so there was a fear of it Missed it for a few weeksas happened with Roger Martinez Since a week.

The positive thing is that according to the reports of journalists, Cesar Caballero and Julio Ibánez, what appeared to be muscle discomfort was only left in one Tiredness and some cramps For Araujo, so his presence in the midweek duel against Toluca It’s an unknown amount, but you’ll have no problem getting back in quickly.

It will be between Monday and Tuesday when Tanu’s coaching staff decides if Nestor is there Terms of Play Face the demons or they will save them for friendly against Chelseain the United States.

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