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In eight minutes they won the match for us: Fernando Ortiz Mediotempo

In eight minutes they won the match for us: Fernando Ortiz Mediotempo

Monterey, NL /

America He couldn’t maintain the advantage he had in steel giant and the DT Fernando Ortiz sorry about that scratched The match turned upside down within eight minutes, thanks to the lack of interest of his players.

“I love that it’s a game for the fans, but a quick analysis in my mind comes up with millions of chances we couldn’t and within eight minutes they change us. Inattention, mistakes that sometimes cost dearly, is what happened and that’s the way, I have no doubt. It’s the team that I love. To see him, and I want to always be present on the field of play, to be the protagonist,” he said.

The Tanu He was happy with the face the reinforcements showed on Saturday especially Jonathan Rodriguezwho scored on his debut, while Nestor Araujo He needed more training sessions with the team.

“They both did well Jurgen With five or six minutes left, he came and tried too, and that’s his potential. Nestor may have lacked more training, but he was confident he could do well and he did well. Jonathan isn’t something we’re finding out about now, it’s something he has. He lacks the rhythm of football, but he is gaining more rhythm little by little. “I am happy and satisfied with how it works,” he added.

about absence Jorge Sanchez In the starting lineup, Ortiz commented that he might get his chance against Toluca On Wednesday if he shows he’s ready to play in training after his rhinoplasty.

“Jorge came from a rhinoplasty, having been from 27 more or less so far, 10 training sessions and as a coach I respect the time, and that can be adapted. I understand that everyone wants to play, I appreciate that, and I am of the opinion that everyone needs to A process to be able to be there, and if Jorge shows that he is here on Monday, he will get it, I’m glad everyone wants to play.”