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Camille Vasquez trusts Gloria Trevi innocence

Camille Vasquez trusts Gloria Trevi innocence

Mexico City.- To defend herself in her sexual assault case, Gloria Trevi decided to hire Camille Vasquez, who gained fame after winning Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard.

And just as Gloria trusts her lawyer, Camille also believes the singer is innocent.

“Because we believe it, we believe it,” Vazquez, 38, said in an interview with Telemundo.

His partner, Ben Chiu, added, “We believe she is innocent, and there is no evidence against her. She is not guilty.”

Camille Vasquez has revealed that the translator of “Ojos Serrados” is the same one who sought her defense against the lawsuit of two women who accused her of sexual assault in the United States.

“She (Gloria Trevi) called me, I spoke with her and Armando (Gomez), her husband, I studied the case, I spoke with my colleagues like Ben (Chew) and others who work on this case, with others, and I couldn’t say no to her defense.”

Although she is the daughter of Latino parents, the American lawyer admitted that she did not know the Mexican, so this did not affect her decision to take up the case.

“Not really, my parents know her, of course they do. My mom is from Cuba and my dad is Colombian, so when I told them she called me, they were very touched and said, ‘Oh, Gloria Trevi is well known in Latin America, but I didn’t know her.'”

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