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A man uses a callus scraper from the store at Walmart Center in Miami

A man uses a callus scraper from the store at Walmart Center in Miami

Store customer Walmart In Miami-Dade County, he did not hesitate to use a callus scraper from the soles of his feet in the middle of the facility, as confirmed by photos posted on social networks.

Whether or not he bought it after testing the quality of a professional pedicure tool is now unknown.

“You touch it, you use it, you buy it”can be read on Dade’s famous Instagram profile only before the extraordinary photos, which generated dozens of comments from netizens criticizing the scene.

“I am convinced that Miami is a third world country today”judged a netizen, a very common comment on the videos posted on the aforementioned Instagram account, which focuses on collecting unique videos revealing daily life in the province.

“This sucks, you can get one for a dollar.”Another commentator argued in a criterion followed by several.

“Best Parmesan in Hialeah,” another Internet user jokingly wrote, preferring to treat the incident with humor.

Few would have guessed that the subject in question was Cuban, and there were even those who demanded his immediate arrest and deportation due to unhealthy photos.

Files designed to scrape calloused soles are professional tools in the pedicure world, although many people choose to use the attachment themselves and have one at home.

Of course, apparently in the case of this Walmart customer, by going to the store and solving the problem Active its enough.

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