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Tekashi 6ix9ine gave Yailin a car for her birthday

Tekashi 6ix9ine gave Yailin a car for her birthday

One of the most recognized names in the field of national and international exhibitions are the names of the artists Tekashi 6ix9ine, Yailin Most Popular, Anuel AA, who captured the trends of controversy between them.

It all arose when Puerto Rican Anuel posted a photo on his social networks of his daughter with the Dominican Cattleya, in which his face was completely visible. This action angered Yallen, who blasted through his social networks trying to be selfish and narcissistic to Puerto Rico.

Similarly, Tekashi also goes for Anuel by attacking him and treating him like a bad father for his behavior towards the minor and his supposed distance from her.

All of this led to a squabble between the three parties through their social networks in which they came out with, as they colloquially say, “busting under the sun” and made very strong confessions, such as Anuel’s alleged mistreatment of Yailin.

However, this whole fight also showed that the American rapper tekashi 6ix9ine He would show himself close to the Dominican singer and go out more to defend her tooth and nail in front of her ex, who was at the time her boyfriend or music co-star.

luxury gifts that tekashi 6ix9ine introduced Yailin in recent months

For several weeks the rapper tekashi 6ix9ine and the singer Yellin They bonded emotionally with his surprising approach and for the detail he had with her.

Recently, the rapper presented the Dominicans with luxury watches with diamonds, jewelry, flowers and even a supposed truck, something that the artist has always bragged about on social networks.

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However, the two have made it clear in several interviews that they are just friends and that their relationship is only related to work and publicity issues, but their closeness and different images leave much to be desired.

YouIkashi 6ix9ine gave Yelen a fancy car for her birthday

Although the American was supposed to have already given Yailin a luxurious birthday gift, he wasn’t, as he had recently decided to surprise her with a new and expensive detail, a luxury car.

The rapper invited Yailin to Miami, US, where he lives, he did so with a private jet flight and when he landed on US soil, he had a complete surprise planned for him, causing him to put on a blindfold to get off. The Plane.

When he got off, the artist told him he could remove the blindfold, and it was there that he handed him the keys to his new car, A luxury Rolls-Royce that costs more than a billion Colombian pesos.

The artist did not hesitate to jump on him to hug him, and although they almost kissed, the mystery did not allow this in front of the camera, later the rapper recorded it inside him playing it for the first time, as they had previously photographed together. slow. In front of the gift, the American artist assured him that it would not be the only surprise that he would present to him.

Go see if you find someone like me, happy birthday and this goes on, wait for more details tomorrow.