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Brandon Moreno apologized to the Brazilians for hitting Figueiredo

Brandon Moreno apologized to the Brazilians for hitting Figueiredo

Mexico City /

little dance Brandon Morenoa colorful, empty, good-natured man who, in keeping with his character, was able to influence the mood of Brazilians who could see how The Mexican destroyed the toss to his idol and personality mixed martial arts (MMA), Davison Figueiredo.

And it is that the fighter from Tijuana, an accurate blow that was enough to close the eye of the carioca, which made the doctor prevent him from continuing, and thus the fighting stopped and Stranger How do UFC Fly Champion.

One of the stellar battles and titles on the land of the Amazons during UFC 283It was exactly for him Aztec warriorwho, before the boos of the inflamed and angry audience, in his own way, with the vernacular which he ordinarily uses and characterizes, has endeavored to Offer an apology.

This is very difficult for me. “People have to understand, I’m just trying to get food for my family and that’s it,” Moreno said in the interview after his victory over the locals.

“I was Try to be very smart. I was trying to push him and move on and let the guy get tired.”

Finally, as the whistles continued, he let out: “Apologies to the whole arena. I’m Mexican.” Long live the dogs of Mexico!Which led to the necessity of securing the place Guard him on the way to his locker roombecause fans threw everything at him when he left the Octagon.