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Summary of the Chivas match against Toluca (1-2).  Objectives

Summary of the Chivas match against Toluca (1-2). Objectives

Unfortunate show at home for Chivas in Clausura 2023; He didn’t know how to handle the game and ended up losing 2-1 to Toluca in the third round. A duel that was the home debut of coach Veljko Paunović and the first title (and captain) for Victor Guzmán.

in a duel where Guadalajara was better in the first half And the Red Devils in the second half, the holy herd added its first defeat in the Paunovic era and had already reached two matches without winning, to remain with four points; Scarlet has two groups and has the same number of units.

Once again the changes killed Chivas, who climbed onto the scoreboard with a goal by Fernando Beltran, and already in the second half, Carlos Gonzalez and Marcel Ruiz turned the Guadalajara team around; Because of this, Toluca has broken a losing streak of not winning in Akron since 2012.

They presented themselves at home and Bocho as captain and starter, Guadalajara started the game well, playing in the scarlet zone, for this reason, from the 9th minute there were dangerous actions, such as when Ronaldo Cisneros hit a shot that hit Andres Mosquera and a penalty kick was called that was not whistled, Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava, after a silent check from the VAR.

Chivas followed on, and Carlos Cisneros enabled his last name Ronaldo, in the 16th minute, who didn’t think twice and fired the shot that was saved by visiting goalkeeper Thiago Volpe.

The Red Devils responded until the 18th, when Jean Meneses grabbed the ball, put it in great danger and almost scored against the opposition. He placed it attached to the post of Miguel Jimenez’s goal.

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The duel was in the evening however, Chivas tried with Guzman and the kick went up on 27 minutes and lasted until 31 minutes when the scoring was opened.

It was a ball on the right that was kicked in by Fernando Beltrán; Elneny took control of it, led and got into the last row trying to cross, however he crossed, Valber Huerta converted the lane to put it into his own net And put 1-0 to Chivas.

Before the break, Carlos Cisneros made it 2-0 when, in the 44th minute, Roberto Alvarado put the ball over his head, and he didn’t even score when he deflected his head.

Starting in the second half, Roberto Alvarado hit a very powerful shot that hit Volpe’s crossbar in the 46th minute; It was going to be a real hit.

Little by little, Toluca was getting better. Carlos Uranchia put in a cross for the recently recognized Fernando Navarro, who finished in the 55th minute with a header and Wacho Jimenez reached just below to save his goal with a slap.

1-1 60 minutes in: a header from Carlos Gonzalez. And the Paraguayan took advantage of one of his virtues and finished off Maxi Araujo’s cross, who scored half a goal on the left and now he did not miss the equaliser.

Charly still had one more, because in the 63rd minute, he hit the back of Gilberto Orozco with a filtered ball, faced Wachow and his shot hit the left post of the Chivas goal.

Before leaving the substitution, González scored in the 76th minute, however, it was disallowed due to an apparent foul. Looks like the points were split in Zapopan, but no, Since Marcel Ruiz tapped in a fine cross from Camilo Sanvezzo And at age 83 he scored with a header to silence Akron and make it 2-1 in favor of Toluca.

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The second goal killed Chivas, Pauno tried, but he could no longer win his team back and walked into the technical area with his arms crossed and his looks down, because he knew what he would lose for the first time in the Mexican League. .