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Belinda's mother reveals how her daughter deals with thunder with Christian Nodal

Belinda’s mother reveals how her daughter deals with thunder with Christian Nodal

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Belinda He dropped a picture of a strong woman, especially after her engagement was broken Christian Nodal. In recent weeks, the translator of “Bella Treason” has shown her best face on the programs of Spain, where she showed her charisma.

singerwho kept the details of his separation from the private contract, He resorted in his work to deal with deep mourning at the end of his commitment to the Mexican regional representative.

In an interview withwindows”, Belinda Schull, the mother of the actress who presented the series “Welcome to Eden”, confirmed that this period served her daughter in composing many topics of love and heartbreak, which will soon delight her followers.

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What happened to him… he writes some great songs for heartbreak and love, all he does is wake up the soul more, and inspire you because you are suffering and in good health, the truth is work is like a savior now“, She said.

She confirmed that she is grateful to God because Her daughter found refuge in music Now she is very focused on her projects, which is why she lives in Spain, where she is recording the second season of the Netflix series that premiered today on the streaming platform.

“She’s working, and now she’s locked up on an island because that’s a great concept, where they’re going on a boat, they’re going to kidnap them and they’re going to make them suffer from all kinds of things,” revealed Belinda Schull.

about the possibility that Belinda If she gave herself another chance in love soon, she replied that, for the time being, she had recommended her daughter to focus on her work, since she had big projects on her doorstep.

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