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Belinda speaks for the first time after splitting from Christian Nodal |  Famous

Belinda speaks for the first time after splitting from Christian Nodal | Famous

Belinda talking after breaking up with Nodal

The singer used the same method as her ex-boyfriend and posted a statement across her Instagram Stories at midnight on Tuesday, February 15, hours after celebrating Valentine’s Day.

At the beginning of her words is the singer “Egoísta” He thanked his fans for his “unconditional love and support.” which they gave you.

“I ask that our energy be love and respect for others. I’m starting a new phase in my life Focus on wellness, both spiritually and professionally.”

He said this in the last part of the statement “This session is closed” With professional training and quote words from the French writer Simone de Beauvoir.

“On the day when a woman can love not by her weakness, but by her strength, not running away from herself, but finding herself, not humiliating herself but affirming herself, on that day love will be for her, as for a man, a source of life,” he concluded.

On Monday at 14 AM, some reporters intercepted the singer at Mexico City airport and asked her about breaking up with Nodal, but she He covered his face and ran and ran so as not to make a statement.

Just like Nodal did, Belinda didn’t mention her previous name

Both in Christian Nodal’s comments and in Belinda’s latest comments, both Avoid mentioning one name and the other.

On Saturdays, the singer was limited to saying that they had “decided to end our commitment and our relationship as a couple.”

His words were meant to thank the support, share the pain he feels these days, and ask for “respect” for the start of his new life.

So far, no one has mentioned the reason or reasons for the decision to break up, which has sparked a series of speculations both on social networks and in some media outlets.