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Hugh Hefner's widow told how she lived Christmas at the Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner's widow told how she lived Christmas at the Playboy Mansion

The playboy model said that the atmosphere of the palace completely changed during Christmas. | Photo: Getty Images

Crystal Harris, wife of controversial Playboy editor-in-chief Hugh Hefner until the day he died in September 2017, gave an interview to the Daily Mail in which she recalled some of the customs of living in the country's palace over the Christmas holidays.

By Infobay

Harris confirmed that she still has some of the decorations that Hefner gave her during their years together, such as a life-sized Santa Claus that was once displayed in the great room of the Playboy Mansion, as well as some ballerinas that Crystal gifted to her. To Hefner, which also adorns this place full of controversy.

When Hefner had just died, Crystal shared her grief in front of the media, making sure that everything said about the bad mogul was not true. However, after a few years in which she was able to process her entire experience in the palace, the famous bunny admitted that life was not perfect, and because Hefner forced her to dye her hair blonde, she realized that her breast implants were “ridiculously ridiculous.” Kabira” and her husband never allowed her to leave the house, let alone travel.

Despite these bad experiences, Crystal fondly recalled the Christmases she spent at the Playboy Mansion, asserting that the place was “full of magic” during these times.

“I think at one point in time for Christmas, being so magical, for some reason it felt like the most natural, like the most natural. The decorations were a little dated. I helped freshen it all up, and Huff was so happy,” said Crystal, who also shared It was during the December holidays that her family visited her, forgetting for a moment the uncomfortable experiences with Hefner and the rest of the models who lived in the mansion.

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