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It was Christmas Eve for Marian Pabon

It was Christmas Eve for Marian Pabon

What would life be without friends? It is a question that is often asked and that resonates when we have precious moments with those loved ones, who are the chosen family, who are there in times of adversity and those who are destined to die laughing.

Puerto Rican actress Marian Baboonone of the Island Sisters, is powerfully captured specifically by the Sisters of Life at a time when she faces the cure against breast cancer.

Christmas Eve was no exception, so Papon shared some of those memorable moments with her friends, and the actresses as well. Cristina Soler And Suzette PacoWho wore Christmas pajamas to celebrate the eve of the birth of baby Jesus.

Full of happiness, surrounded by some of their family members including their pets, the three friends look smiling and filled with the love that unites them.

“Spending Christmas Eve with my extended family, I love you!!! Thank you Sue for this beautiful night!!!,” the actress highlighted in the message accompanying the photos.

In mid-December, Soler and Paco came together to ask for help from the people of Puerto Rico to help Papon cover his personal expenses, as he was unable to work due to the illness he faced. In less than two days, they witnessed the solidarity of the people of Puerto Rico as they exceeded the goal of $50,000 to help them financially.

Pabon, who has maintained an active and steady career in national television, theater and Puerto Rican film over the past decades, has received such support and solidarity not only from his colleagues, but also from the people of Puerto Rico, since he revealed his cancer diagnosis. September.

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