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“Gentle company for the good times and infinite relief for the hard times.”

“Gentle company for the good times and infinite relief for the hard times.”

Cuban ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel He once again showed his love for the singer-songwriter Amore Perez VidalWho congratulated him on social media on his seventieth birthday.

“Happy birthday, my dear brother! Our entire family, Liz and I, are grateful to have you and Betty: pleasant company for the good times and endless comfort for the hard times. I hope more years of health and hair will come, said the governor in X.

The tweet was accompanied by a black and white photo of the singer, this time without the presence of the ruler and leader of the so-called “continuity.”

In December 2021, Diaz-Canel deleted a tweet in which he congratulated Amurri With a photo in which they are both seen holding hands, in a certain complicity between friends.

Twitter screenshot/Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez

In the face of criticism and anti-gay ridicule on social networks, the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) also chose to delete the photo.

The photo was replaced with one of Amore laughing with the dictator Fidel CastroAn alleged symbol of masculinity among Cuban communists.

However, Twitter users did not take long to ask Díaz-Canel about his fears of appearing in such a pose next to the singer-songwriter, and even pointed out that he made the change late, since there were already screenshots, to leave the drawing a testimony of the event.

The photo of Amurri and Diaz-Canel left dozens of homophobic comments, which hinted at the possibility of “difficult love” between the president and the singer.

In June 2020, Singer-songwriter and Cuban not-so-“First Lady” Liz Cuesta were photographed together As they left for the Marti Theater in Havana, where the late star Rosita Fornes was honored.

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In March, the musician confirmed his departure Cuban television from his talk show “Con 2 que se Quiero”.

After more than a decade of airing, the Cubadebate singer-songwriter noted that the show's fourth season will not be recorded due to budget shortages.

“Somehow, when we went on air for the last time on March 10, 2020 (up to that point we had done 250 interviews), I felt like we wouldn’t come back and that’s what happened,” he said.

The official troubadour explained that “Although important decision makers showed me their unconditional support“, the proposal did not come to fruition and the Ministry of Culture responded, “Amore, there is no budget!”.

When bidding him farewell, he repeated that “I continue to think as always, believing in the same people as always and I will support them, sometimes out of silence, because two years ago I did not have social networks, a possible world for Cuba where I am.” Believes.”

The troubadour announced that he would soon publish his autobiography and explained that it would not be “a book full of intimate confessions, nor unnecessary secrets, nor light gossip. “I am not the center of my stories, but rather the hero of the world that surrounds me.”