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Proud mum: Shakira celebrates leaps and bounds and screams at her son Sacha Pique's new achievement

Proud mum: Shakira celebrates leaps and bounds and screams at her son Sacha Pique’s new achievement

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Like a proud mother Shakira celebrated with jumps and screams the new achievement of her son Sacha Pique. The little boy managed to stand out in one of the many disciplines that he dominated and the singer could not help but get excited.

Much Milan Like Sacha Pique, they have shown that they have multiple talents, some of them practicing surfing, music, martial arts and, of course, football. Shakira, very proud of her two young children, takes advantage of her social networks to flaunt every achievement of her nine and seven-year-olds.


Shakira is very proud of her children’s talents

Through her official Instagram account, the Colombian has dedicated herself to showing off the different abilities that her children have. Just as Milan’s talent in music prides itself on, this time it’s his turn to get excited about Sasha’s new achievement.

With a post that in a short time reached more than 200,000 “likes” Shakira Share the video that His son, Sacha Pique, took first place at the Making All Champions. In short, the singer seems so excited about her little son’s achievement, he jumps and screams with joy.

To the next tournament if they don’t want me to scream so much, they’ll have to take me with a muzzleShakira wrote as a caption for the reel photo.

Watch Shakira’s video here:

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