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Baños’ reaction to theft accusations

Baños’ reaction to theft accusations

Mexican League

What is said about the two-time American championship has nothing to do with the team’s sporting president.

© IMAGO/Agencia-MexSportSantiago Baños downplays the importance of criticism.

Just as André Jardine takes credit for winning the Liga MX championship twice Club of Americaand players for their performance on the field of play, Santiago Baños’ work in the sporting part of building the Mexican football champion team was vital for Aguilas to reach the era of success and titles.

For many years, the work and decisions of Santiago Baños have been strongly questioned by all Americanism that has appeared on more than one occasion on social networks demanding the departure of the sporting president of Club América for not delivering the results demanded by the Azulcrema team. But the final choice of coach he made for the team was the right one to transform Aguilas into the best team in Mexican football and with the help of… Andre JardinIn an old team.

With the support of Héctor González Iñárritu, Santiago Baños’ work as Club America’s sporting president was strengthened and improved thanks to the entire staff around him who led Aguilas back to the top of La Liga. He was let go for a short while and since the arrival of Santiago Solari, via Fernando Ortiz, the fruits of that team he started to assemble have begun to bear fruit.

Now that Club América is a two-time champion of Mexican football and winner of the Tournament of Champions, it has a position Santiago Baños As America’s Sports President, she’s more than empowered, and regarding the questions her team has received over accusations of favoring referees, the Azulcrema team manager has been frank about the issue.

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Santiago Baños downplays the accusations against Club America

Santiago Baños at the Clausura 2024 celebration (Imago 7)

Having been part of Club América’s tournament twice, Santiago Baños recently gave an interview where he was inevitably questioned about accusations against America by Mexican football fans and the press, stating that the Clausura 2024 final was decided due to a refereeing error. This is how the US Sports President responded in this regard:

“I don’t care. No matter what they say, America is always like that, and when things go against them they say: ‘Oh, it’s football, that’s football.’ That word you mentioned (theft) was never used. So the truth is I don’t care what he says.” People or what the press says. We focused on doing what we had to do. Cruz Azul was a great competitor. They had a great tournament. The difference was that we scored a goal, and they couldn’t do it, especially in the first half. They had clear positions “It did not come into effect, and in the end this was the difference in my respect for Cruz Azul as a competitor and as a team, both for the players and for Martin Anselmi’s coaching staff.”Santiago Baños told W Deportes.

As has become clear in recent statements made by all Club América figures, they completely downplay the anti-American comments and press criticizing Club América, and are undoubtedly satisfied with Club América’s two Liga MX championships, hoping that it will not be the last title under André Jardine.

Santiago Baños confirms that there are advanced negotiations regarding Julián Quiñones

Julian Quiñones will be about to leave America (Imago 7)

In this same interview, the America’s Sporting President was also asked about the future of one of the team’s most important footballers, Julian Quiñones, and about his energetic voice. He confirmed that there are advanced negotiations to sell the contract but nothing has been closed or signed yet For number 33 of the Eagles.

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