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Comunicación asertiva: Una herramienta para mejorar nuestras relaciones y nuestro bienestar personal

Assertive Communication: A tool for improving our relationships and personal well-being

The way you interact with others can become a huge source of stress in life. Assertiveness training allows you to reduce it, by learning a series of social and communication skills.

Using an assertive communication style means having a core philosophy centered around respecting others and, above all, self-respect. In addition, it is necessary to know how to deal with a series of techniques and skills that we can use when putting this method into practice in the different situations in which we can find ourselves in our day.

A person with an assertive communication style is someone who is able to express their feelings, thoughts, and opinions, and do so in a manner that respects the rights of others accurately, adapts to the context in which communication occurs, and contributes to facilitating the resolution of immediate and future problems related to communications.

It’s not about becoming irascible, “complaining,” cold, or calculating. But we do have the right to protect ourselves in situations that seem unfair or excessive, and everyone knows better than anyone what they are bothering or needing. In addition, you can express your desires and interests spontaneously, you can talk about yourself without feeling shy, you can accept compliments without feeling uncomfortable, you can openly disagree with people, you can ask for clarification of things and you can say “No”.

Assertiveness training is a way to deal effectively with the struggles that coexistence imposes on all of us. In short, when you are an assertive person, there is more relaxation in interpersonal relationships.

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