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Strike in Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences for the long weekend in December

Strike in Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences for the long weekend in December

Works Council City of Arts and Sciences And de Valencia had announced, on Thursday, the call for the December bridge strike due to the amendment of the conditions in the jobs proposed by the new administration, “which was achieved in March 2020, after more than 20 years of demands.” As stated in a statement issued by the workers’ representative body, this “fundamental” adjustment of jobs affects, in particular, the schedules of shift employees.

“Employees had not been recognized for their jobs for 20 years and were calling for better working conditions, which came in March 2020, when CACSA achieved the publication of its first Job List (RPT) and expected accession to the Employment Personnel Agreement II, the regulations governing the rest of the effective public sector entities,” he explained. “.

However, it has now criticized it, “just two years after joining the agreement, and After changing the address of the entityThis raised a series of issues such as not accepting the extension of the second equality plan without negotiating with a third party, denouncing the existing telework plan and leaving it without power at the end of the year, proposing a new one with too many restrictions and job cuts leaving it crippled.

All this is accompanied by “a proposal for a fundamental change in working conditions, the closing of the ticket offices in the Hemisfèric building and the cutting of customer telephone service.”

For this reason, after the consultation period ends without an agreement being reached, and after a workers’ meeting, “the general feeling is A major reversal in progress has been made After many years of trade union struggle”, the works board regrets.

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In the face of this situation, the trade unions express their “disagreement” with the current position of the administration in the previous points, and in particular “with the measures that, in the process of fundamentally amending the working conditions of shift employees, the General Directorate introduced in the month of November,” since the “essential” amendments. applied «makes it the most affected».

According to the Works Board, thisfemale groupfor which a new rotation is proposed that makes settlement difficult, as evidenced by the offer transferred by the company to the model ».

In addition, workers’ representatives expressed that “Not only do we not share the organizational reasons disclosed, but sufficient documentation has not been provided for us to study and justify them. The essential thing is that, after the social aspect alternatives have been provided and the inconveniences of the proposals submitted have been shown, they have all been rejected. The unions are pending. TAL meeting to be held on December 2nd.

“CACSA personnel, after more than 20 years on active duty, have demonstrated that they are always available to the Company to maintain and even increase levels of excellence in circumstances that mean A job takes place every day of the year in the ranges of daily working hours; Weekends, holidays, summer period and nights… they show a commitment and a professionalism that the current management doesn’t respect.”