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Ekko GIS, the big winner of the Ideas Fair 2024 by also winning the Experimental Science Award

Ekko GIS, the big winner of the Ideas Fair 2024 by also winning the Experimental Science Award

This project, now a reality, receives its fourth award thanks to contracts concluded with companies of various types through the college’s assessment that “demonstrates the diversity of professional opportunities for an environmental science degree.”

Following the successful celebration of the UAL Ideas Fair 2024, in which many records were broken and more than forty of the fifty prizes were awarded, more are still to be recognized such as those awarded by the Faculty of Science. Experimental sciences. The latter also went to Ekko GIS Environmental Solutions, which had previously received three awards at the conclusion of the 16th edition of the entrepreneurship event, in addition to five other projects. Now he remains alone at the top, having achieved a “booker” of estimates.

The college explained that Ekko GIS provides environmental solutions and geospatial analyzes using geographic information systems technology. Its wide range of services includes environmental consultancy, environmental impact studies and mapping development. In addition, it works in areas such as sustainable agriculture, urban planning and renewable energy, the latter with specific projects such as EnerGIS, which focuses on optimizing the location of renewable energy facilities.

However, when awarding its award, Experimental Sciences appreciated that Ekko GIS and its representative, Gonzalo Reguera, “demonstrate the diversity of professional opportunities that a graduate in environmental sciences has and, therefore, is a reference for degree students as well as for baccalaureate students who will carry out these studies rooted on a large scale.” Broad at the University of Almería since 1995. Reguera was received at the faculty to receive the award and explain his project.

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However, it should be noted that “it is already in place, as it is bearing fruit in agreements and contracts with companies of all kinds,” and is distinguished by its “focus on innovation and sustainability, and providing solutions that combine environmental science and technology.” GIS to transform complex data into useful information and strategic decisions.” This includes “improving agricultural practices through GIS-based pest prediction models, which help reduce excessive fertilizer use and promote a more sustainable approach to agriculture.” It is expected that “the future Successful business.”