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Aroldis Chapman returned to the World Series at 100 mph

Aroldis Chapman returned to the World Series at 100 mph

Aroldis Chapman He returned to A World Series.

It is celebrated on Monday, October 30 chase field he Game 3 Follower World Series between Texas Rangers And Arizona Diamondbacks. The chain has arrived Phoenix Draw with one win for each side.advertisements

Texas He got the first out in an 11-inning game that he determined com. homerun to Adulis Garcia. Then offensive galore Arizona Help them win Game 2.

for him Game 3 the Notification They took a three-run lead into the third inning. The first was withdrawn Marcus Simien And Corey Seager He brought two more with his home runs.Esoic

Aroldis Chapman He came to perform in one of the most memorable moments of this World Series For strategic content.

boss Dbak, Tori Lovulloled as an emerging Pavin Smith To confront Josh Spurs. at that moment Bruce Bochy He took the Cuban to the box. Lovolo He responded with another alternative that was extracted Smith Who couldn’t take his turn and the cashier sent him Emmanuel Rivera.

Thus, we finally had a duel between Aroldis Chapman And Puerto Rican to start entering. Rivera He hit a double down the right field line. then Geraldo Perdomo Upgrade first Arizona With one to the left.

It doesn’t look like a good comeback Aroldis Chapman to World Series. However, it all came together. He was hit Corbin Carroll Using several 100 mph pitches. then Kettle Marty He shot a dangerous ground ball in the middle, but… Corey Seager He had an excellent game with the one he got Double play.

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It was the maximum speed it reached 100.8 mphon the only pitch he made Mars.


In total, one run was pitched on two hits and one run allowed on one hit. This outing was a comeback Aroldis Chapman To the World Series, where he earned five relief hits in 2016 with chicago cubs.

Aroldis Chapman hits Corbin Carroll in Game 3 of the 2023 World Series between the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks