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Arequipa: University of California, San Francisco, law and political science professors suggest changing electoral rules |  Release

Arequipa: University of California, San Francisco, law and political science professors suggest changing electoral rules | Release

Professors of the Department of Law and Political Science at the Catholic University of San Pablo, Juan Fernando Mendoza Banda and Carlos Timana, saw that requesting the resignation of President Dina Boloart or the dissolution of Congress will not lead to positive change in the country as long as the current electoral and political laws are not amended. “It will be more of the same and more crisis,” they said.

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Mendoza Banda, an expert on public law, pointed out that as long as the current election law and the law on political parties are not improved, the protests will continue and no result will appear. In his opinion, the most disturbing thing is that there is no serious commitment from either the executive branch or the legislature to at least revise the regulations and put in place more urgent electoral requirements and procedures.

Political scientist Carlos Temana, director of the UCSP Government Center, has a similar view. “It is easy to say ‘let’s move forward in the elections’ or ‘let them all go’, but this is not a way out of the political crisis we have been going through for the past 5 years now. Why hold new elections if the political actors are old acquaintances who do not have the power to unanimously. Without consensus there is no stability”precise.

He noted that changing authorities is not synonymous with improvement. Let’s look at Congress. It has changed hands three times in these five years and one was worse than the other. We’ve gone from bad to worse.”pointed out.

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And in the case of political parties, the situation is equally insidious. “What would we see if we were to hold new elections now? Parties that are still bellies for rent, that impose quotas to put the person with the most money as head of their lists, or that act as ghosts that come and go.”He remembers.

Leader without leadership

Timana has been clear in pointing out that Dina Boulwart lacks drive. “He is on autopilot, taking over the position,” he said, and then added, “It would be good to renew the ministerial cabinet, because it needs a prime minister with more political experience, who is able to reach agreements in favor of ruling the country.”.

The main problem is that it does not have cadres. Now we see a mixture in which those close to her, loyal to her, prevail. There are some technicians, but they are in the minority.shown.

what to do

For the world of politics, it is essential that citizens participate and want to participate in politics and elections. “No matter how difficult the situation is, they cannot take away hope in the country, but for the sake of it, people who seek the common good, before personal interest, must participate.”confirmed.

For Professor Mendoza Banda, legislative proposals to change the rules of the political game must come from organized civil society: universities, professional associations and other institutions, because this will not come from any government body. “They are asking for dialogue, but without any tangible fact about their desire in the current scenario.”comment.

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He added that protests and demonstrations against the government are a right that cannot be prevented, but in the same way, demonstrators must do so peacefully without harming public or private property or blocking roads and preventing those who do not wish to be part of these claims from being able to cross.

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