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Alberto Fernandez emphasized that Argentina is a strength because of the quality of its scientists

Alberto Fernandez emphasized that Argentina is a strength because of the quality of its scientists

president Alberto Fernandez This afternoon, he led the conclusion of the work of the second session of the General Assembly of the Arab Republic of Egypt Federal Science Council (COFECyT) where highlighted “If there is one thing Argentina has, it is the quality of its scientists.”

Together with Minister Daniel Filmos, the Head of State closed the meeting at the Pabellón Cero + Infinito of the Ciudad Universitaria of the University of Buenos Aires.

The pace of the digital revolution is incredible, but the development that is taking place in this field is much deeper. It is new for us, for some it is disturbing because of the use of artificial intelligence, but it is clear that it cannot be stopped, said the president, accompanied by the ministers of science and technology governors of the 23 provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires.

The head of state noted that “we must pay attention to the importance of this for development. because, If there is one thing Argentina has, it is the quality of its scientistsrecognized in the world”, also accompanied by the Federal Undersecretary of Science, Technology and Innovation, Luz Lardon, and Vice President of COFECyT, Mauro Carrasco.

“Let’s take care of our scientists, because these people work, research and develop so that we can live better”confirmed the president, who was received in the university village by the Dean of the Faculty of Exact Sciences, Guillermo Duran.

He added that “scientific capabilities are developing in all parts of the country,” noting that “To gain merit in power, equal opportunities are needed and resources of science and technology” reach out to scholars from all over the country.

Federal effect

During the meeting, the President and the Minister reviewed, together with the representatives of the scientific fields in each province, the impact of the federal plans Construir Ciencia, which promotes the strengthening of the construction infrastructure of the institutions of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI), and Equipar Ciencia, which aims to strengthen research in scientific and technological institutions through the acquisition of medium and large equipment from a federal perspective.

filmos, He reviewed the administration “which largely reflects the issues raised as central in the beginning, such as science and technology to transform the country’s productive model, solve the problems of our people and contribute to sovereignty”; Since “the whole function of science and technology is growing, but in particular, the department runs a fund that says 20% of this budget should go to federal policies.”

The minister reported that “We have resources that enable each province to strengthen its research teams, develop technological linkages, and improve academic institutions.” “It is essential to fund high-impact federal projects so that our research teams can be competitive and the country can enjoy better science and technology,” he added.


while, lardon express it “Today we will discuss part of the development strategies, because within the framework of the Federal Council and the National Plan for Science and Technology, the provinces for the first time in history have defined their integrated regional agendas.”

Finally, Carrasco appreciated that in this “second administration we have become major players,” where “every province has to reach its fullest potential to say ‘we are federal’.” He concluded by saying: “We are at the beginning of a very big goal for the nation. For science to be a partner in production and development.”

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he Federal Council for Science and Technology (COFECyT) – consists of representatives of the government spheres of science and technology in 24 jurisdictions of the country. The field of development, advice and strategic formulation of national and regional policies and priorities to promote regional development of scientific, technological and innovative activities.

CONICET President Anna Franchi also attended; R+D+I Agency President Fernando Pierano; Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Julio Vitopelo, and Spokesperson for the Presidency, Gabriela Cerruti.