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Regenerative Medicine |  Valencia |  Chris Clinic

Regenerative Medicine | Valencia | Chris Clinic

Find out how regenerative medicine is revolutionizing the treatment of knee osteoarthritis

One of the greatest evils that Spanish society suffers from Joint painThis usually warns us of the presence of knee arthritis. Although there are many treatments that can be implemented to deal with this disease, there is one treatment that is considered one of the most innovative. We’re talking about Regenerative medicinewhich we will talk about next.

the Knee joint osteoarthritis This disease affects more than 7 million people in the country, and women over the age of 50 are considered the most affected group. From this standpoint, age is considered one of the factors that most affect the appearance of these symptoms, along with overweight and obesity. Without further ado, let us explain what regenerative medicine is and how it can help you.

Osteoarthritis of the knee: understanding its origin for effective treatment with regenerative medicine

Discomfort from osteoarthritis usually starts out mild and increases over time. In addition, pain may be accompanied by: Joint stiffness Difficulty in movements. This is why it is considered a Degenerative disease.

One of the easiest ways to detect this problem is to notice a clicking sound when you bend your knee. And the He snorted It worsens if too much effort is exerted, because we can suffer from internal leakage, making way for ignition. In short, then OsteoporosisThe patient will have to spend long periods of rest and will not even be able to continue his normal life.

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People with osteoarthritis often have to change their routines due to pain and discomfort.

What is regenerative medicine and what does it consist of?

Pain treatment methods Symptoms of osteoarthritis in the knee They are many, but few are as effective as regenerative medicine. the doctor Carlos JaraboThe Medical Director of Clínicas Cres Hospital explains that “treating the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis using… Regenerative medicine “It can be more effective than traditional treatments,” says the specialist, because “it treats not only the symptoms, but also their origin.”

This technique is very simple and consists of infiltrating a biological material into the knee. (cells or tissues) to the patient through a simple outpatient procedure with local anesthesia. “There is no possibility of rejection because it is the patient’s own genetic material,” says Dr. Grabow. “In addition, it does not require rest, so recovery is much faster than with traditional techniques.”

The best way to treat pain resulting from knee osteoarthritis symptoms is regenerative medicine, which is the most effective

Regenerative medicine therapy

“With the Regenerative medicine treatments “You can get very good results,” says Dr. Grabow. Moreover, he points out that “early diagnosis and correct application of treatments are vital to achieve the best outcomes.”

Dr. Carlos Jarabo highlights the advantages of regenerative medicine in treating these problems.

This technique is very simple and consists of penetrating the knee Biological material (cells or tissues) to the patient through a simple outpatient procedure with local anesthesia. “There is no possibility of rejection because it is the patient’s own biological material,” says Dr. Grabow. “In addition, it does not require rest, so recovery is much faster than with traditional techniques.”

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In this sense it is worth highlighting Various applications Which can be done with this technique. Although the knee is the most commonly treated joint, it is followed by the hip, shoulder and elbow. In addition to joint injuries, it is used in muscle and tendon injuries, such as… Shoulder tendonitis.

Dr. Grabow confirms that “The results are very positive“And being able to reduce pain by up to 75%, reverse inflammation and restore joint function.” “Also in cases where the disease is very advanced, it is possible to significantly improve the patient’s quality of life, and treat chronic pain,” he adds.

Dr. Jarabo from Clínicas Cres also emphasizes the importance of these techniques in treating osteoporosis problems.

Preventing and improving osteoarthritis symptoms with nutrition: What you need to know to care for your joints

a feed Adequate nutrition is important for the health of all people, but it is even more important for people with musculoskeletal diseases. he Excess weight is one of the causes of joint painEspecially when it comes to load-bearing joints, such as the knee and hip. The latest developments in this field offer solutions that go beyond eating a balanced diet.

Excess weight is one of the causes of joint pain. Clínicas Cres conducts nutritional genetic studies aimed at discovering how the metabolism of each of its patients works.

Eating food based on genetics and intestinal microflora helps reduce inflammation, relieve symptoms associated with rheumatic processes, and promotes an optimal state of the immune system. To make this possible, in Chris Clinics Lead Nutritional genetic studies Which aims to discover how each patient’s metabolism works, and to reveal, at the cellular level, which nutrients are most closely related to them from a genetic point of view; In addition to studying the intestinal microorganisms, the significant influence that microorganisms have on our immune system was studied through the presence of immune regulatory and barrier functions, which favor the regulation of the inflammatory state of the organism and reduce the risk of developing rheumatic diseases, as well as reducing symptoms in operations. Degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis.

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What is the closest and most reliable clinic to show me about regenerative medicine?

Chris Valencia Clinic

C/De Cyril Amoros, 34, 46004 Valencia

Phone: 963 51 61 99