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ULA Political Science Conference 2024 ended successfully – Correo del Caroní

ULA Political Science Conference 2024 ended successfully – Correo del Caroní

The ULA 2024 Political Science Conference, held at the Aula Magna of the University of Los Andes, on May 9 and 10, saw the participation of Jesús María Casal, Benigno Alarcón, Guillermo Tel Avelido, José Manuel Puentes, and Luis Vicente León as special guests. .

The academics presented retrospective reviews of Venezuelan political history, analyzed the behavior of the main parties and citizens, analyzed the national reality from a constitutional and economic perspective, reviewed possible scenarios before and after July 28, and agreed on the existence and necessity of a peaceful transition. Comprehensive, as well as real possibilities for achieving social, political and economic recovery for the country with the participation of all sectors and international support, and awakening confidence in the current administration in the possibilities of political change in the country.

For his part, the controversial Luis Vicente Leon stressed that the current trends in support of opposition leaders are in fact a manifestation of rejection of the current administration and the desire for political change that they represent, warning that the matter is not about supporting a leader. Messianic.

He also explained the US government’s involvement in the negotiations between the Venezuelan government and the opposition, ensuring that the Maduro administration would never agree to empower Maria Corina Machado, even though her removal is unconstitutional, and that official silence is a symptom of that. They are planning something, and warn them to stop winning and telling the truth to the citizens.

Local speakers conceptualized political and constitutional issues, revealing the need to bring basic knowledge about political science to citizens, and knowledge of laws, as topics that permeate daily life, despite the position of many people because they feel distant from political issues in the country, a situation that also deserves analysis Comprehensively by the partisan political parties in the opposition, as this position and discontent are exploited by the official sector.

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