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Lanzarote is welcoming 24 new residents in medicine and nursing who will train on the island

Lanzarote is welcoming 24 new residents in medicine and nursing who will train on the island

A total of Twenty-four new residents They joined the Lanzarote Department of Health Services, part of the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, at a welcome ceremony held in the General Assembly Hall of the Cabildo Lanzarote.

It’s about Thirteen internal medicine residents (MIR) from the specialties of family medicine, traumatology, internal medicine, pediatrics and geriatrics, and Eleven resident nurses (EIR) for family and community medicine, paediatrics, geriatrics and midwives.

During the event, Lanzarote’s Director of Health Services, Pablo Egoya, welcomed these new residents who will join the health centers on the island. Complete your training as specialists He encouraged them to work from the beginning “with enthusiasm and determination to ensure the quality of health care that our patients deserve, so that at the end of the training period they will become the best doctors and nurses, the most capable professionals, as well as the most humane.”

In his speech, the Director also referred to the excellent work done by those responsible for teaching and cooperation between primary and specialized care services and units in training residents.

The welcoming ceremony was attended by Faculty Head of Studies, Veronica Gutierrez, Quality Director, Maria Yanez, and Teresa Saligre, Director of Nursing at Dr. José Molina Urosa University Hospital, as well as administrators and teachers. For different educational units.

The teaching committee members encouraged residents to “Make the most of the learning phase And the training that they begin and that their teachers will guide them.”

Her training period A period ranging between four and five yearsThis depends on the specialty chosen by the resident doctor, and two years for nurses. During that period, students will carry out caring activities while receiving teaching. Currently, the Health Department of Lanzarote trains 51 medical residents and 32 nursing residents.

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