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Scientific professions are most in demand by ULL students

Scientific professions are most in demand by ULL students

Less than a week left to celebrate the European Blind Union (Baccalaureate assessment for university admission). Students who wish to attend university prepare for this test with the aim of achieving the degree they wish to study for professional training.

Although preferences are quite prevalent, the truth is that science degrees, especially the branch of health sciences, are most in demand by students of the Canary Islands who want to gain access to University of La Laguna.

Scores with highest comma

As explained by the University of La Laguna that Atlantic Today, Scores are indicative statements of how much the last person awarded a place in each grade earned, and they can vary from year to year. In fact, it depends on three variables: the total number of places offered in each degree, the total number of students applying for admission to the listed degrees and the degree of admission achieved by students each year in their pre-university studies and at EBAU.

In this sense, the grades that required the highest score for entry last year were Medicine, Nursing, Physics, Mathematics, Physiotherapy and Biology. For its part, medicine has the highest grading indicative cut-off mark, 13029. Medicine follows nursing in its three teaching centers, the two hospitals in Tenerife (12.497 and 12.62) and the other in La Palma (11.932). For its part, Physics has a score of 11682, Mathematics 11368, Physiotherapy 11.753 and Biology 11,062.

On the other hand, degrees in the arts branch, humanities or social and legal sciences are also in great demand by freshmen. A degree in design has a cut-off mark of 9876, followed by primary education of 9192. In the engineering branch, computer science is the one with the highest score, with a score of 9,024.

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Four days of testing

The regular call will take place June 8-11, both of which are implied. At 8 am Exam Spanish Language and Literature II will take place, followed by Foreign Language Exam 2 and in the afternoon History of Spain, all in science class. On the ninth day they will be the same subjects, but to the method of the humanities, social sciences and the arts.

On July 10, the first thing in the morning will be the Math 2 science exam. Then, in the second session, exams for Chemistry, Design and History of Philosophy will begin. In the afternoon, the first session will cover exams for Audiovisual Culture 2, Physics and Geography, while in the second session the Applied Mathematics exams for Social Sciences II, Latin II and Fundamentals of Art II will be conducted.

On the last day, Saturday 11, the exams for performing arts, second greek, geology, technical drawing 2, business economics will be held in the first session, while biology and art history will be in the second session. In the afternoon, back-up exams will be held for students to whom a subject is allocated. It will also be the role of the foreign language exam II, which is different from the exam that is taken at the general stage.

For its part, the extraordinary call will be suspended 6, 7 and 8 July 2022. More information about the exams, as well as the extraordinary call, at The following link enabled by the Government of the Canary Islands.