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The Metropolitan Fund for Culture, Arts and Sciences: The Last Days

The Metropolitan Fund for Culture, Arts and Sciences: The Last Days

As announced by the ballet (https://balletindance.com/2021/03/29/subsidios-en-la-ciudad-de-buenos-aires/), at the end of April, the call to apply for the funding program was opened. Metropolitan for Culture, Arts and Sciences “, framed in” The Cultural Drive. “

Registrations are open through May 19, with fonts adapted to the epidemic and a total budget of $ 36,500,000, and are made online through the Telemetry System (TAD).

This year the Metropolitan Fund for Culture, Arts and Sciences offers three lines of support, always for Buenos Aires residents:

Create: Intended for artists and creatives with artistic projects of any discipline: visual arts, circuses, street artists, performing arts, music, science, dance, audiovisual production and more. For virtual and / or digital projects (not exclusive).

The work of cultural spacesAiming to finance payment for services and maintenance expenses for cultural spaces, as well as to adapt rooms to conform to Covid-19 protocols.

All duly registered spaces are included in the Registers of Proteatro, BAMúsica, Prodanza and BAMilonga Hall, in the Register of Cultural Uses (RUC) and / or in the Catalog of Independent Cultural Spaces (CECI) in this line.

Training and qualification: It targets those who carry out activities related to teaching, training and cultural artistic training, with projects that will be personally developed (according to current Covid-19 protocols), virtual or combining both methods.

In addition, in 2021, projects related to gender issues, led by women and / or dissidents (in the three funding lines), will be prioritized, without this being an exceptional criterion.

Full reports on orders: https://www.buenosaires.gob.ar/cultura/fomentodelacultura/fondometropolitano/comoparticipo

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